Famous People of Belarus – Знаменитые люди Белоруссии

There are many famous people in our republic. Among them you can find the names of politicians and public figures, intellectuals and scientists, heroes of war and labour, sportsmen and artists.

First of all I’d like to mention the name of our outstanding national writers Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas. They created a new Belarusian Literature and a Belarusian literatury language. Both are considered to be the classics of Belorusian literature.

These names are followed by a number of other well-known writers and poets, such as K. Krapiva, Chorny, Brovka, Shamyakin, Tank, Bykov, Korotkevich, Gilevich, Loyka, Adamovich known both in our country and abroad. Their works are translated into many European languages.

Many Minsk streets are named after the Balarusian writers.

The cultural life of Belarus has always been very interesting and varied. Among the leading composers of the present centure were Tikotsky, Aladov, Bogatyrov, Smolsky. Other well-known composers of the older generation include Pukst, Lukas, Luchenok, Alovnikov, etc.

Many prominent names in the history of Belarus of the 20th century are connected with the two main events, the Second World War and space exploration. The Belarusians fought heroically defending their Motherland.

But we are especially proud of the heroes of the last war: K. Zaslonov, E. Osipova, N. Gastello, V. Talalikhin, the defenders of Brest Fortess and many others. In the family of cosmonauts there are also two Belarussians, A. Kovalyonok and P. Klimuk.

At the present day time, the time of revolution of values, it’s difficult to find heroes especially among politicians. Time will put everything in its place and give everybody his due. But one thing is obvious: great times are created by great men. Their names are sure to become history whatever it may be.
Kastus Kalinovsky the Fighter for Independence of Belarus.

K. Kalinovsky was born in 1838 on the 21-st of January

not far from Grodno in Belarus. His parents were not rich. There were 18 children in the family. Kalinovsky’s mother Veronica Rybinskaya died early and the elder brother, Victor, a student of Moscow University, took care of Kastus. In 1855 Kastus graduated from a secondary school in Svisloch and entered Moscow University.

But in 1856 he changed his mind and became a student of St. Petersburg University. There Kalinovsky met Russian democrats Belynsky, Chernyshevsky, Dobrolubov. He shared their ideas and followed them. In 1861 K. Kalinovsky came back to Belarus. He took an active part in organizing the uprising of 1863 in Belarus and Lithuania.

But the tsarist army dispersed the uprising. In 1864 Kastus Kalinovsky was arrested and hanged as the learder of the uprising. He fought for national independence of Byelorussian people, the development of national culture and education.

His name became a symbol of action and struggle for the rights of oppressed people in Belarus and Lithuania. ] My Biography.

I suppose that the first thing I must tell you is my name. I’m Andrei Kiporuk. I was born on the 8th of August 1980 in Minsk. Now I’m 15 years old. (This) In a Year I am Finishing school N88. I’ve been studying here during 9 (11) years.

I studied not so well at school. My favourite subject is Mathematic. And after finishing school I want to enter the University. I’m going to became a programmer. As for my hobbies I’m found of listening to modern music and I spend my all free time at my computer not only playing but programming on it.

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Famous People of Belarus – Знаменитые люди Белоруссии