Family guy description season 4

Season 4 Episode 1
Title: North By North Quahog
Air-Date: May 1, 2005

Family Guy Description:
When Peter crashes the car on the way to their second honeymoon, he is determined to make it up to Lois. He ends up posing as Mel Gibson to use his private room at a new hotel, and once there they discover a secret upcoming movie: The Passion of Christ 2. In order to save the world from viewing another Passion movie, Peter steals the film. Meanwhile, back at home, Stewie and Brian pose as parents. And Chris gets falsely accused for drinking at a school dance.

Season 4 Episode 2
Title: Fast Times At Buddy Cianci Jr. High
Air-Date: May 8, 2005

Family Guy Description:
After Chris’ teacher quits, Brian fills in as his new teacher. All is well at first, until he is moved down to the intermediate class where the troubled kids wear him down to his last nerve. Meanwhile, Chris crushes on his new, hot, teacher. And she tells him that in order to be with her, he has to kill her husband.

Season 4 Episode 3
Title: Blind Ambition
Air-Date: May 15, 2005

Family Guy Description:
After Mort bowls a perfect game, and Quagmire earns a key to the city after saving a young lady, Peter begins to feel that he has not accomplished much in his life. To make amend for this, he decides to set the record for most nickels eaten. However, one to many nickels leaves him blind.

Season 4 Episode 4
Title: Don’t Make Me Over
Air-Date: Jun 5, 2005

Family Guy Description:
When Meg gets turned down by yet another guy, she begins to feel sorry for herself. In order to cheer her up, Lois takes her to the mall for a makeover. Meanwhile, Peter puts a band together consisting of him, Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire. They aren’t very successful, until Meg with her shows up with her new look.

Season 4 Episode 5
Title: The Cleveland-loretta Quagmire
Air-Date: Jun 12,


Family Guy Description:
When Peter and Brian walk in on Loretta and Quagmire, they feel they owe it to Cleveland to tell him. When Cleveland confronts Loretta about it, she actually kicks him out! Although, Cleveland doesn’t seem phased by any of this. But, with a little motivation from Peter, Cleveland becomes furious…and goes to kill Quagmire.

Season 4 Episode 6
Title: Petarded
Air-Date: Jun 19, 2005

Family Guy Description:
After Peter wins a game of Trivial Pursuit, he is convinced he is a genius. Brian tries to bring him down to earth by telling him to take the MacArthur Genius test. Not only does the test prove he’s not a genius, but it turns out he is mentally challenged. He has a good time taking advantage of this, until he puts Lois in the hospital and the kids are taken from him.

Season 4 Episode 7
Title: Brian The Bachelor
Air-Date: Jun 26, 2005

Family Guy Description:
In order to get Cleveland back on the prowl, the gang takes him to the Bachelorette screening auditions. Thanks to Peter, Cleveland doesn’t get on the show, but Brian and Quagmire do. Although Brian is at first precautios about it being a T. V. show, he eventually falls for the girl (Brooke), and ends up in the final 2 with Quagmire. Things start to go wrong when the final 2 have to bring Brooke to dinner with their families. Meanwhile, Chris is controlled by an evil pimple.

4 Episode 8
Title: 8 Simple Rules For Buying My Teenage Daughter
Air-Date: Jul 10, 2005

Family Guy Description:
When Peter over-runs his tab at Goldmans Pharmacy, he signs Meg over to Mort Goldman so his son Neil can finally have Meg.

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Family guy description season 4