Families have a great-great future

Twenty years ago, the typical extended family was “wide”. It usually consisted of two or three generations, with many children in each “nuclear family”. People had lots of aunts and uncles but often didn’t know their grandparents. However, according to a new study by the British research group Mintel, the family is changing shape. The family groups of the future will be “long and thin”, with three or four small generations.
Here are some of their predictions:
1 Most children will know their great-grandparents (and even great-great-grandparents) because people are living longer.
2 Very few children will have brothers or sisters, and it will be common to be an only child. As a result, future generations will not have many cousins either.
3 Many children will grow up isolated from other children and young adults. This will make them more selfish and introverted.
4 More couples will divorce and re-marry, some more than once. They may have children with their new partners; so many children will have a stepmother or stepfather and half-brothers or sisters.
5 There will be many “boomerang children”. These are children who leave home to get married, but then divorce and return to live with their parents.
6 There will be more single-parent families.
7 Because houses are now so expensive, different generations may decide to live together, so parents, grandparents, and adult children may co-own their houses, and many couples will have to live with their in-laws.

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Families have a great-great future