Facts about asia

The continent largest in landmass and that of population is Asia. Asia has the world’s 60% of population that accounts to almost 4 billion people. The statistics prove that two countries hold half of Asia’s population; one being India and other is China. Though China is ahead India but it is believed that in another 20 years India will have the highest population.

The boundaries of Asia are made of Suez Canal and Ural Mountains in the west, the Caucasus Mountain and the Caspian and the Black Seas to the south. The south also extends to the Indian Ocean, to the north the Arctic Ocean and to the far – east the Pacific Ocean. Further Asia is divided into six sub – continents; Central Asia, East Asia, North Asia, India Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia. The western most point of Asia is Cape Baba in the Northwestern Turkey. Its eastern most point is Cape Chelyuskin in Siberia.

The width of the continent is 5300 miles. Asia enfolds the world’s top three leading economies – India, China and Japan. China has shown massive growth in economy in last ten years and it has become the second largest economy in the world after the United States of America. The three main financial centers of Asia are Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. The main religions practiced in the continent are – Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Islam.

The highest and the lowest point on the Earth both lie in Asia, the highest point is the Mount Everest and the lowest is the Dead Sea. The top ten highest mountains are also located in Asia.

A home of wide variety of religion, caste, culture and creed Asia is a colorful continent.

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Facts about asia