Facto. me

From the maker of designer/developer community Forrst comes Facto. me, a highly self-referential app that’s at least mildly addictive, entertaining and social.
The premise is simple: We all have stories to share about ourselves, but sometimes, they don’t quite come out the way we’d like them to in conversation. We tend to disclose information about ourselves in passing and as it’s relevant to the conversation. Often, this means we leave out the most interesting bits about ourselves and our lives, simply because no one ever asks us those questions.

Like Formspring, a similarly addictive anonyous Q & A app, Facto. me draws our focus inward. We’re asked not to respond to questions from strangers but rather to share fascinating non sequiturs about ourselves, things few or no other people might know.

For example, Kyle Bragger, the guy who made Facto. me, secretly enjoys country music (secret’s out, buddy). And I turn to the crochet hook when I need to unwind.

Users are invited to interact with others’ facts with a row of buttons under each fact. You can respond “Me too!” or “No way!” or, if you’re feeling a bit blasé, “Boring,” among other options. You can also click to see a random fact from a random user.

If you’re not just pounding out fact after fact about yourself, it’s also a great way to learn things about the people in your world. Once the service’s userbase grows a bit, we’re hoping Bragger creates some cool tools for discovering people in your social graph.

And for now, it’s an interesting way to learn random facts about random people – and we do mean random – from all around the web. Again, with more and a greater variety of users, it could be a fascinating app for online voyeurism; if there’s anything we humans love more than talking about ourselves, it’s peering into the strange, strange lives of others.

Take Facto. me for a spin, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Facto. me