Eslpod – a day in the life of jeff – episode 5 – the commute to work


Back seat – the rear (second row) seats in a car, where passengers (not the
Driver) sit
* On the long drive across the country, they took turns driving. While one person
Drove, the other slept in the back seat.

Cup holder – a round hole on the inside of a car for holding cups or cans of soda
* He tried to put his can of soda in the cup holder while he was driving and ended
Up spilling it all over the floor.

Ignition – a small opening near a steering wheel into which one puts a key to
Start the car
* They accidentally locked their car while the keys were still in the ignition!

Gas pedal – a piece of metal that a driver pushes with his or her foot to give the
Car more gas and to make it go faster
* She pushed the gas pedal to the floor because she was in a big hurry.

Rearview mirror – a rectangular mirror near the driver’s head that allows the
Driver to see behind the car
* I stopped my car when I saw the police car in my rearview mirror.

Side mirror – a small mirror outside the car near the front windows that allows
The driver to see the side of the car and behind the car
* Grandma drove too close to the building and hit her side mirror against the wall.

Drive-time traffic report – a radio announcement during rush hour (times of
Heavy traffic) that tells drivers where there are accidents and slow traffic
* According to the drive-time traffic report, there were three accidents on the
Freeway, so we drove home using Main Street instead.

Transmission – the system that passes energy from the car’s engine to its
* I couldn’t believe it when the mechanic said that I needed to replace my car’s
Transmission and that it would cost more than $2,000!

Out of park – to take the car out of an unmoving

position into a moving position
* I took the transmission out of park, but nothing happened because there wasn’t
Any gas in the car.

Reverse – backward motion; going back
* Driving in reverse is always more difficult than driving forward.

Driveway – a short length of road leading from the main road to the entrance or
Garage of a house or office building
* When she gets home from work everyday, she walks down the driveway to pick
Up the mail from her mailbox.

Drive – forward motion; going forward
* He put the car into drive and started to leave, but then he stopped because he
Remembered that he had left some important papers at home.

Stick shift – manual transmission; a car in which the driver uses a lever to put
The car in gears 1 through 5 or in reverse
* Driving a stick shift requires a lot of concentration for me because I’m always
Worried that I’ll shift into reverse by accident.

Automatic transmission – a car in which gears 1 through 5 change
Automatically without the driver needing to do anything
* Many people prefer driving automatic transmissions because it leaves them
With one hand available to change radio stations or to hold a cell phone.

Onramp – a short road for cars to speed up and enter a highway or freeway
* The first onramp was closed due to an accident so we had to drive to the next
Onramp to get on the freeway.

Exit – a short road for cars to leave a highway or freeway and connect to other
* Do you know which exit we need to take to get to the beach?

Parking garage – a large building with many floors for cars to park
* This parking garage only charges $5 for three hours, so let’s park here.

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Eslpod – a day in the life of jeff – episode 5 – the commute to work