Eslpod – a day in the life of jeff – episode 4 – getting dressed & ready for work


Closet – a very small room or a piece of furniture for storing clothes and shoes
* Kevin needs to stop buying so many clothes. He can’t even close his closet

Dress shirt – a man’s shirt worn for office work, with a collar, buttons, and long
* Do you think it’s okay for a man to wear a pink dress shirt to work?

Pants – clothing worn over the legs
* Jennifer couldn’t decide whether she wanted to wear pants or a skirt, so she
Chose a dress instead.

Tie – a long, narrow piece of fabric worn around a man’s neck
* He doesn’t like wearing ties because he says they make it hard for him to

Sweater – a heavy, knitted shirt made of cotton or wool yarn (material that looks
Like a thick string)
* It’s very cold outside, so you and your sister should put on your sweaters if you
Want to play at the park.

Suit jacket – a piece of formal clothing worn over a shirt, with long sleeves and
Buttons on the front, usually worn in formal business settings
* The sleeves of his suit jacket are too short. He needs to buy a new one for his

T-shirt – a comfortable, casual, short-sleeved cotton shirt with no collar, often
With a design or picture on the front
* You don’t have to dress up to come to my party. I plan to just wear a t-shirt and

Socks – clothing worn on one’s feet
* In the winter, I wear socks and shoes, but in the summer, I prefer to wear
Sandals without socks.

Underwear – clothing worn next to the skin and under other clothing
* We have to do laundry today because I don’t have any clean underwear!

To color coordinate – to identify things that look good together because they
Have the same or colors

that look good together
* Her bedroom walls, floors, pictures, and toys are all color coordinated. I have
Never seen so much green in one room!

Buckle – a piece of metal used to connect two ends of a belt, shoe, or bag
* American cowboys often wore large belt buckles with images of their daily life.

To polish – to rub something to make it shine
* Before going to the wedding, I need to polish my black shoes so they’ll look
Nice with my suit.

Wallet – a piece of leather or heavy fabric with many pockets that is used to store
Money and credit cards
* He needed to clean out his wallet because it was too full of business cards and
Receipts to fit in his pocket.

To check (oneself) – to look at oneself, searching for something that looks wrong
Or is out of place
* I wish I had checked myself in the mirror before the big meeting because I had
Food between my teeth.

Briefcase – a flat bag with a handle to carry documents, usually used by office
Workers to carry papers between their home and the office
* She forgot her briefcase at home and had to ask her husband to bring it to her
At the office so she’d have her notes for the presentation.

Garage – a room in a house for parking cars
* They have so many things in their garage that they almost don’t have room to
Park their car!

To run late – to be delayed; to be behind schedule; to be in a hurry because one
Needs to be somewhere very soon
* I didn’t have time to say goodbye to everyone at the lunch meeting because I
Was running late for my flight back to New York.

Today is no exception – today is the same; today is not different
* I usually receive a lot of emails and today is no exception. This morning I had

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Eslpod – a day in the life of jeff – episode 4 – getting dressed & ready for work