Если мы не будем думать о будущем

Only when all the blue skies have been
Filled with smoke
And the cities of the world have choked
Will the white man realize
That it’s too late to save the earth.
(Native American poem)

It’s quite clear; I have started my essay with this poem not by chance. I’m sure, each Person nowadays realizes what is happening to our planet, what demolitions are being caused and if we have any future at all. We are living on the most wonderful planet in our Solar System, the Earth. The Beauty of the Earth is breath-taking! “The Earth is a garden; it’s a beautiful place for all living creatures, for the entire human race…” Nature is our wealth and we must cherish it. It surprises us with its most exciting scenery And wonders: waterfalls and green meadows, rainbows and eclipses of the Sun and the Moon, sunrises and sunsets, to name only a few. It’s difficult to imagine that all this beauty will ever come to an end. Can it really happen? Is the planet on the verge of the Global Ecological Catastrophe? If we could guess thoughts of our Mother-Earth, we would probably hear the following: “Please, help me! My life is in danger! Not long ago I used to be healthy and beautiful. My name was Planet of Smiles. But now my name is Planet of Sorrows. You may ask why? It’s impossible to understand how anyone can get pleasure from polluting the air, water and soil; from cutting down trees in my forests and from killing animals?! I need your help! Please, save me! I’d love to be Planet of Smiles again! ” Sometimes it seems to me that I can really hear it.

And you? Have you ever thought of all those problems the humanity faces daily such as dangerous diseases, wars, natural disasters and some others? We can’t forget about climate change, global warming, pollution and endangered animals. So let’s highlight the most dangerous problems discussed and decide who is responsible

for all those things threatening us. The problem of relations between man and nature is becoming more and more important. There are many environmental organizations in the world, such as Greenpeace and WWF. In fact ecological problems are getting more political ones and they are discussed by politicians as well.

I guess everyone knows The G8 Group. It is unofficial forum of The leading highly industrialized democracies, such as Russia, the USA, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Italy and Canada. As far as I know, the idea of such a group appeared at the beginningof the seventies during one of the economic crises. Since 1996 Russia has become the member of The G8 Group. G8 tries to solve many problems, including economical and ecological ones. They have regular summits in partner states and in 2006 our country hosted one of them.

The ecological problems are considered to be the most vital nowadays. We all depend on ecology. In the fast moving world we live in, everything around us is changing fast. I mean not only science and technology, but also climate. At present the climate is changing everywhere because of many factors.

It’s common Knowledge; the changing of climate is connected with global warming first of all. And it’s the observed increase in average temperature of the Earth atmosphere and oceans, which in turn changes in climate. Such an increase in global temperatures can lead to some other changes, including a rising sea level and changing in the amount and pattern of precipitation. These changes may increase thefrequency and intensity of extreme weather events, such as floods, droughts, heat waves, hurricanes and tornados. Many possible results in global warming are discussed in conferences and summits of The G8 Group such as an increase in the intensity of wildfires, long heat waves and extreme temperatures that will be common place in the world’s cities. Thus in 2005 leaders of G8 signed the Joint communiquй concerning global climate change. It’s quite evident The G8 Group should play the leading role in the struggle against such a threat.

Moreover, there is another ecological problem: the ozone layer in the atmosphere protects the Earth from dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun. People use a lot of aerosols, cars and oil. Taken together they have a bad influence on the ozone layer. So, as a result, ozone holes appear. It means dangerous rays can get through them, damaging all living things.

As we know people breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. It is found everywhere on earth and it is one of the culprits of global warming. This gas in the atmosphere works like the glass in a greenhouse, it let’s heat get in, but it doesn’t let much heat out. In other words, it’s going to get even hotter, than we thought.

But Global warming is not the only ecological problem. Its list may be continued. The more problems we have, the worse our climate gets. The consequences for our everyday life are going to be enormous. No wonder they are the main topic for discussion at the summits of the G8 Group, for example. A G8 summit and 17-member climate forum of major developing economies including China and India took place in Italy in 2009-07-10. It made scant progress toward a new UN climate treaty. One of the top climate change officials said that climate decisions were generally careful and useful steps. But progress on this issue would not be easy, because recession was a complicating factor.

I consider G8 knows which measures to take. But these measures can become effective when ratified by most developed countries, the principal polluters, whose total contribution to atmospheric pollution exceeds 55 percent. However, it’s not only the concern of The G8 Group’s countries, but also of all other countries – large and small – throughout the world.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that the greatest thing we have is the life of our nearest and dearest. But if climate keeps on getting changed, a new generation may not be born and see all the Beauty of the Earth.

That’s why; I strongly believe that humanity in general and each person in particular should come to some certain conclusion to make things change for the better. I’m sure, we are quite aware of what urgent and necessary measures to undertake and make people realize their importance. Well, I’m neither a scientist nor a politician, so I’m not in a position to argue with the factors, causing Global climate change, anyway. I consider people shouldn’t ignore one of the major problems of the present.

English writer John Galsworthy said: “If you don’t think about the future you will not have it”. Fortunately, it’s not too late to save our planet. If we do something right now, there may be some hope for the future. If we do nothing, we will have no future at all. By acting together, we can really make a difference and save the Earth for ourselves and the future generation. Then, I’m sure that our “Planet of Sorrows” will become “Planet of Smiles” again. Thus, we should cooperate and combine our efforts to fulfill our Earth’s dream.

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Если мы не будем думать о будущем