Esl podcast 711 – a difficult place to find

To make one more pass – to try to do something one more time, especially
When trying to find something while driving
* Okay, we’ll make one more pass to try and find the ice cream shop, but this is
The last time!
To head back – to begin to go back in the direction from which one came; to turn
Around so that one can go back to where one started
* The kids were screaming so much in the backseat of the car that the parents
Decided to head back home.
Desk clerk – receptionist; a person whose job is to answer the phones and greet
People who come into an office or business
* The desk clerk has to sign a form whenever the mail carrier delivers packages.
Hidden away – not easily seen because something is partially or entirely behind
Something else, not where one would expect to see it
* When traveling as a tourist, it’s a good idea to keep your money and passport

/> Hidden away.
To keep an eye out – to look for something; to be aware of one’s surroundings
* Keep an eye out for holes on the dirt road, or you might trip and fall.
Blink and you’ll miss it – a phrase used to tell someone that the thing he or she
Is looking for is very small and/or very hard to find, so he or she must be actively
Looking around for it
* They used to joke that the town they grew up in was so small, they had to tell
People, “Blink and you’ll miss it.”
Stretch – a particular section of a road between two points
* This stretch of highway has a lot of dangerous curves.
Off the beaten path – sites that are not well-known and are rarely visited by
* When Jimmy travels, he likes to eat at restaurants that are off the beaten path,
And not described in tourist guidebooks.
Prominent – seen easily, often because something is very large or very different
From the things around it
* When you drive to the city, the first thing you’ll see is a prominent sign that
Says, “Welcome to Bainbridge!”

Landmark – an important building, statue, or natural object that helps one identify
Where one is
* The Statue of Liberty is probably the best-known landmark in New York City.
Charm – the characteristics that make something likeable, especially in a sweet
Or old-fashioned way
* Part of her charm is the way she blushes whenever anyone compliments her.
Hideaway – a place where one can go to be far away from other people and be
Left alone, without interruption
* Many writers do their best work in secret hideaways.
Neon sign – a sign with words and images shown in bright lights created by
Putting gas in glass tubes
* The neon sign said, “open,” but the doors of the restaurant were locked.
Tucked away – far away from other people, buildings, or things, in a quiet place
* They own a cabin that’s tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains.
To keep (one’s) eyes peeled – to actively look for something when one knows it
Will be difficult to find
* In New York City, drivers always have to keep their eyes peeled for a parking
To spot – to find something that one has been looking for; to catch a glimpse of
Something; to see
* Vince has great vision and was able to spot the airplane before anyone else
Could see it.
Geez – a word used to show one’s surprise, relief, or bewilderment
* Geez that was a hard test!
To find a needle in a haystack – to find something that is very difficult to find,
Usually because it is very small or because it is one of many similar objects
* Getting a good job in this economy is like finding a needle in a haystack.