Esl podcast 707 – looking back on one’s life

What do I have to show for it? – a rhetorical question (a question one asks
Oneself, not expecting to receive an answer) one asks when one is disappointed
That one cannot observe the results of one’s actions and feels one’s efforts were
* I spent all day in the kitchen, and what do I have to show for it? Burnt bread, an
Undercooked chicken, and mushy green beans.
To accomplish – to achieve; to do something, especially if it is difficult or
* Nobody expected Grace to accomplish so much in her first three months on the
Expectation – standard of performance; what one anticipates will happen in the
Future; what one believes should happen
* Mariah believes the secret to raising smart children is to have high expectations
For them and never accept anything less than their best effort.
Unattainable – desirable but impossible; not able to be reached because
Something is too difficult; impossible
* That kind of lifestyle is unattainable on our income unless we decide to have a
Lot of credit card debt.
Planned out – with a clear, detailed idea of how and why something should
* The conference is this weekend! We should have had everything planned out
Months ago, but we’re still trying to make arrangements for speakers and food.
To turn out – to become; to end in a particular way
* They were disappointed their offer on the home wasn’t accepted, but as it
Turned out, they found an even better home the next week.
To peg (someone) – to identify or categorize someone in a particular way; to
Believe that a person has certain characteristics
* Most people peg Charles as a nerd because he wears glasses and talks about
Physics all the time, but he’s also a member of a rock band and a world-class
Regret – a feeling of sadness that something has happened; a wish or desire that
One had done something differently in the past, because one is disappointed with
The results of that action or decision
* One of Jan’s biggest regrets is that he never earned a college degree.
To settle down – to get married and live a calm life, usually in a home, no longer
Traveling, changing jobs, or partying
* He’ll probably settle down when he meets the right girl, but until then, he wants
To have as many adventures as possible.
To pan out – to be successful; to happen as one expected something to happen;
To meet one’s expectations
* We thought we’d be able to make $100,000 by selling our home, but that didn’t
Pan out once the housing market crashed.
Content – happy, calm, and satisfied; not extremely joyful, but not sad or mad
* Xavier is a very simple man. All he needs to feel content is a good meal and a
Soft bed.
Upcoming – scheduled to happen soon
* Will I see you at the upcoming meeting?
To brood – to think about something too much, becoming worried, sad, and
* My father always said that it doesn’t do any good to brood over things you can’t
Premature aging – the physical changes that make one appear to be older than
One actually is
* Spending too much time in the sun can dry out your skin and create wrinkles,
Leading to premature aging.
1. Why is Nick disappointed?
A) Because he didn’t marry a millionaire.
B) Because he had too many children.
C) Because his life isn’t what he expected it to be.
2. According to Danielle, what’s wrong with brooding?
A) It could make Nick die sooner.

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Esl podcast 707 – looking back on one’s life