Esl podcast 705 – an exclusive guest list

Draft – an early version of a written document that is incomplete and/or has
Many errors and needs to be edited and changed at least one time before the
Final version if ready to be shared with other people
* How many drafts did you write before trying to get your novel published?
Guest list – the names of all the people one expects to come to a party or event
* The guest list includes the bride and groom’s relatives and closest friends.
Invitation – a written card or letter asking someone to come to a party or event
And providing all the important information like the date, time, and place, as well
As what the person should wear and bring
* We received an invitation for a summer barbeque, and it says we should bring
Our own beer.
To go back and forth – to be unable to make a decision; to believe something is
Right or correct and then change one’s mind and believe another thing is right or
Correct, repeating the process many times without being able to decide or choose
* Yolanda keeps going back and forth about that dress, because she likes it a lot,
But she doesn’t really have enough money to buy something that expensive.
Has-been – someone who was well-known, popular, and powerful in the past,
But is not important or influential anymore
* He had some success early in his career, but he hasn’t done anything
Worthwhile in the past 10 years. He’s a has-been.
A-list – the most popular and wealthiest performers, especially actors and
* Movies can make a lot more money if they have A-list actors.
On the fence – unable to make a decision about something because one can
See reasons for and against making a particular choice
* Isaiah is on the fence about whether he should accept the job offer, because it

Seems like a great opportunity, but he would have to move across the country.
D-lister – an actor who is not well-known or popular
* I’ve never met any celebrities – not even a D-lister!
Exclusive – something that is desirable and available to only a small group of
People, because not everyone is popular, beautiful, powerful, or rich enough to
Have or do it
* Only members of the club can take advantage of this exclusive offer.
To rub elbows with (someone) – to spend time with famous, rich, and powerful
People, especially at parties or important events
* This conference will be a great opportunity to rub elbows with industry leaders.
VIP – a very important person; someone who has a lot of power and influence
And is treated with respect for that reason
* The best parking spaces are reserved for the company’s VIPs.
To exclude – to not include someone; to not allow someone to have, do, or
Participate in something
* People who make more than $40,000 per year are excluded from our financial
Assistance programs.
Celebrity – a person who is very famous, especially an actor or singer
* When they were in Los Angeles, they went on a tour to see celebrity homes in
Gatecrasher – a person who goes to a party even though he or she was not
* That’s going to be the best party of the year! Even if I don’t get an invitation, I’ll
Go as a gatecrasher.
To buff up – to improve or polish something; to make something slightly better
* You’d be much more likely to get a job offer if you buffed up your appearance
For interviews.
If push comes to shove – a phrase used to indicate that one will do something

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Esl podcast 705 – an exclusive guest list