Esl podcast 701 – improving your looks

Agent – a person whose job is to represent actors, musicians, writers, or other
Types of artist to help them find work
* Sara is thinking of becoming a model, but she needs to find a good agent first.
Potential – the possibility of being able to do something; the qualifications and
Ability to do something that one is not yet doing
* With her great people skills and interest in biology, she has a lot of potential to
Become a doctor.
To sign you – to create a legal agreement to work with and/or represent a
Particular person
* How old were you the first time a professional basketball team wanted to sign
Salable – able to be sold easily, especially because something is very useful or
* Troy would be more salable as a business consultant if he started wearing suits
And ties instead of shorts and flip-flops.
Hair extension – a piece of artificial hair that is attached to one’s own hair or
Scalp (the skin on one’s) head to make one’s hair look longer and/or fuller
* The key to having natural-looking hair extensions is to make sure they’re the
Same color as your real hair.
Fuller – hair with more body and volume; hair that has a lot of shape and seems
To move, rather than hanging straight down from one’s head
* Lynn uses mousse and a hair dryer every morning to make her hair appear
To spruce up – to make something look nicer or neater; to improve the
Appearance of something
* My parents are coming to visit tomorrow, so I need to spruce up my apartment.
To cap teeth – to allow a dentist to put small pieces on each tooth, entirely
Covering the visible surface of each tooth, to improve their appearance
* He had uneven, yellow teeth until he asked his dentist to cap them.
Eeth whitening – a procedure that lightens the color of one’s teeth, making
Them less yellow or gray and more white
* After years of drinking coffee and red wine, his teeth were so discolored that he
Paid for a professional teeth whitening.
Spray tan – a procedure where all the skin on one’s body is sprayed with a
Chemical to make it look darker, as if one had spent a lot of time in the sun
* Women who love having dark skin but don’t want to risk getting skin cancer can
Choose to pay for a spray tan every few weeks.
Constructive criticism – advice that may be very negative, but is intended to
Help another person improve
* When giving constructive criticism, it’s important to let other people know you’re
Trying to support them as much as possible.
To stamp out – to end or eliminate something; to get rid of something
* What can we do to stamp our poverty and hunger in our community?
Individuality – uniqueness; the characteristics that make a person special,
Unlike anyone else
* Many students don’t like wearing uniforms, because they would rather wear
Clothes that express their individuality.
Clone – an exact copy of another person; someone who seems just like another
Person, copying his or her appearance and behavior
* Mariah and her sister are so much alike, they could be clones!
Sch(m) – a common prefix for many Yiddish words, often attached to English
Words to create Yiddish-like words for humor
* Books, schmooks! Why do you spend so much time reading textbooks when
You could be having fun with us?
Don’t you even think about it – a phrase used to warn someone not to do
Something because one thinks it is a very bad idea and one will be upset if he or
She does it
* You want to throw her a surprise birthday party!

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Esl podcast 701 – improving your looks