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Romantic Places

Oct 21 2011

Sometimes, love needs a little help. When you want to share a romantic time with someone, it’s important to find the right setting.

But what are the most romantic places? Cities have beautiful lights, romantic restaurants and cozy bars. But the beach has moonlight and the sound of the waves. Then again, in the mountains you can find some breathtaking views.

Mason recently went on his honeymoon. Hear him tell Devan about the romantic places he visited with his wife.

Devan: So where did you go for your honeymoon, Mason?

Mason: We went to Europe. We were in London for a bit, and then we went to Croatia because we wanted a place that was a little more off the beaten path.

Devan: Was it romantic?

Mason: It was romantic because it was my honeymoon. I don’t know that they’re the most romantic places I’ve been.

Devan: You wouldn’t say that Croatia, like, set the mood?

Mason: Well, I definitely, when I think of romantic places, I think of the beach, you know, I like more rural, coastal kinda places rather than big cities. So it had some of that going for it.

Devan: So you think that an island getaway is more romantic?

Mason: Totally. And I think part of that is that, like, my ideas of romance in the city are really expensive. It’s like going out to really fancy dinners or fancy events, versus, you go to the beach, and it’s just gorgeous. You know?

Devan: Yeah. You have a great view of the sunset and the ocean, so that makes sense.

Mason: Yeah, I mean what are your romantic places?

Devan: Well, I don’t have a boyfriend, so I don’t really know anything about romance.

For his honeymoon, Mason went to London and Croatia. He says it was a romantic trip. He and his wife found Croatia romantic because of the beaches.

Mason thinks that the

beach is more romantic than the city. He says that romance in the city is too expensive. Going to fancy restaurants or events costs a lot of money. But cuddling on the beach is free.

Devan agrees that the beach is romantic, because you can watch the sunset and see the beautiful ocean views.

What kind of places do you think are the most romantic? What is the most romantic city in the world?
Grammar Point

Comparatives and Superlatives

Mason says London and Croatia aren’t the most romantic places he’s ever been. He also says the beach is more romantic than the city.

In the first sentence, Mason is comparing more than two places. He is comparing every place he has ever visited. That’s why he uses a superlative, most romantic. We use superlatives to compare more than two things.

In the second sentence, Mason is comparing just two things, the beach and the city. That is why he uses a comparative, more romantic. We use comparatives to compare just two things.

Which is correct, “I think Paris is the more romantic city in the world” or “I think Paris is the most romantic city in the world”?

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Englishtips-romantic places