Englishtips-put in the line

“put on the line”

Oct 06 2011

“I really put my body on the line for this movie!”

– Justin Timberlake talking about baring his butt for his new movie Friends with Benefits. (Us Weekly)

Put at risk, expose to danger or loss

Have you ever seen a tightrope walker perform? They risk embarrassing and hurting themselves by attempting to walk across a very thin line of wire suspended in the air. They literally put their bodies on the line.

Justin Timberlake says he put his body on the line for his new movie, Friends with Benefits. He didn’t literally walk on a tightrope for the film, but he did take a bit of a risk by baring his butt for a scene.

Justin has been putting himself on the line a lot lately. He took a risk and put his career on the line by trading music for acting. But that turned out to be a good risk. He’s now both a successful musician and a successful actor.

Usually people put themselves on the line for a reason, meaning they take a risk because they hope to get something good in return. For example, a guy might put himself on the line by asking a girl out on a date. He’s taking a risk because she might reject him. But if she says yes, the risk will be worth it. And judging by the popularity of Friends with Benefits, Justin’s risk was worth it, too.

When was the last time you put yourself on the line? Did the risk turn out to be worth it?

“If you date my ex, you’ll put our friendship on the line.”

“I love my cat so much, I would even put my life on the line for her.”

“Carl put his job on the line by taking an extra long vacation.”

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Englishtips-put in the line