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Jewelry for Guys

Oct 10 2011

Most guys aren’t very interested in fashion, at least according to stereotype. But maybe they’d be more into it if they had more options. When it comes to creating the perfect ensemble, women just have a lot more to choose from than men.

For one thing, women can add to their outfits with jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings…for girls, the options are practically endless. But jewelry for guys is a lot less common. Mason and Jeff would like to change that.

Mason: Jeff, do you ever feel as a man that it’s difficult to accessorize?

Jeff: Can I be honest here?

Mason: Yeah, I wish you would.

Jeff: Yes. Yes, and I’ve been waiting for someone to ask that.

Mason: I totally hear you. So, when I got married…obviously I’ve got my wedding ring on now. And that’s like the only piece of jewelry that I wear. And I don’t know, I kinda feel like maybe I want more.

Jeff: You know, I do have a couple high school football state champ rings lying around. Maybe I should break them out.

Mason: What would you do? I man, there’s…the watch, obviously, is the standby man accessory. Then you take it a little bit further, maybe it’s a bracelet. Maybe it’s a necklace or something. Maybe two. Can you have multiple rings? I don’t know. The multi-ring guy is a weird guy. I feel like there almost needs to be something new, like there’s something that hasn’t been invented yet that I need to add to my ensemble, just for a little bit of flair.

Jeff: This is true. We only have so many options.

After getting married, Mason started wearing a wedding ring. This is the only jewelry he wears. He might like to start wearing more jewelry, but he says his options are limited.

Jeff also thinks there should be more jewelry for guys. Men don’t

have as many ways to accessorize their outfits as women. The only jewelry most guys wear is a watch. Mason thinks someone needs to invent a new accessory that is just for guys.

If you’re a guy, do you wear any jewelry? If you’re a girl, do you like it when guys wear jewelry? What is your favorite accessory?
Grammar Point

Count and Noncount Nouns

Mason says the only jewelry he wears is his wedding ring. Jewelry is a noncount noun.

Noncount nouns are nouns that cannot be counted or pluralized. You cannot say “I have a lot of jewelries.” Instead, say, “I have a lot of jewelry.”

Jewelry is a collective noun. All collective nouns are noncount. Other examples of collective nouns include luggage and furniture. Liquids such as coffee or water and abstractions such as love or peace are also noncount nouns.

Count nouns are the opposite of noncount nouns. They are things you can count. It is possible to pluralize them. For example, ring is a count noun. You can say, “I wear one ring” or “I wear many rings.”

Which is correct, “My husband owns three necklace” or “My husband owns three necklaces”?

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Englishtips-jewelry for guys