Oct 12 2011

OK, so you’ve put on a little weight. A diet will fix that, right? But first you have to pick the right one.

There are so many different ways to diet. You can cut carbs, eat smaller portions, stay away from sweets, or try to eat more fruits and vegetables. No matter which diet you choose, though, you have to stick to it if you really want to slim down.

Dale recently lost some weight. Hear him share his dieting tips with Amy.


Amy: So I remember you had a blog post a while ago about losing some weight, Dale. Is there like a particular diet that you find works well for you?

Dale: Dieting is basically, in my mind, ways of eating. Maybe portion control or reduction of carbs or sugars. I don’t really have a specific diet, I just like to always make sure I’m paying attention to my diet.

Amy: I think that’s true. I mean, in general, if you can just cut out a couple things or try not to overindulge,

usually that can help you slim down.

Dale: They say portion control is the number one that will help you to slim down. And one of the things they always say is too much of a good thing is always a bad thing. So too much chocolate cake will turn into something.

Amy: Do you have a particular weakness that’s hard for you to cut out of your diet?

Dale: Ice cream.

Amy: Oh, I know.

Dale: I love ice cream.

Amy: But really, what’s the point of living without ice cream?

Dale: Especially when you put a chocolate sauce on top of it.

Dale recently lost weight. Amy asks him what diet he used. He says that he just tries to pay attention to what he eats.

Amy thinks that if you cut out a couple of unhealthy foods from your diet and eat smaller portions, you can lose weight. Dale agrees that eating smaller portions is the best way to slim down.

Even when Dale is trying to lose weight, he finds it hard to live without ice cream. Amy loves eating ice cream, too.

Have you ever tried a diet? What do you think is the best way to slim down?

Grammar Point
Simple Future Tense

Dale says that eating smaller portions will help you lose weight. This is an example of the simple future tense.

We use this tense to talk about things that will happen at some point later than now.

You can form the simple future tense with will + verb. For example, “I hope I will lose some weight by the end of the year.”

Which is correct, “This diet will work if you stick to it” or “This diet will working if you stick to it”?