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Ask an American: Health effects of city living; how do you say versus what do
You call; résumé; too
To play out – to occur or happen and have certain consequences, especially
When one doesn’t know exactly what will happen or what the final results will be
* Let’s wait a few weeks to see how the negotiations play out before making any
Major decisions.
Urban – related to cities; not related to the country or the countryside
* Urban home prices are normally much higher than rural home prices.
Well-being – how healthy, happy, and comfortable a person is; the combination
Of one’s physical health, mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health
* Ingrid wants to improve her well-being, so she’s trying to find a less stressful
Poverty – the condition of being very poor and not having enough money to pay

/> For food, clothing, and shelter
* Niko grew up in poverty, but because he studied hard, he was able to get a
Good education and a good-paying job.
Incidence – how common something is or how often it happens
* We’ve seen a rise in the incidence of robberies over the past two years.
Bottom line – what is most important; how much money a company has made
After paying all its expenses and taxes
* Many people say that they need to make important calls, but the bottom line is
That it is very dangerous to have people talking on the phone while driving.
In-house – something that is offered or done within a business or organization
For its employees or members, without sending them to another place
* Wouldn’t it be great to work at an office that offered in-house childcare for
Employees’ children?

Depressed – feeling very sad, usually for no reason, so that it affects one’s
Ability to lead a normal life
* Many people become depressed in the winter when there is less sunshine.
Substance abuse – an addiction to alcohol or other drugs; the practice where
People drink alcohol or use drugs to feel good and make it through the day
* Do you think people who drink several glasses of wine with dinner every night
Have a substance abuse problem?
Return on investment – a calculation that helps us understand how much money
We have made in relation to how much we have spent
* We’re not expecting to see a positive return on investment until at least the third
Year we’re in business.
Bike lane – a narrow section at the edge of a road created specifically for
Bicycles, so that they do not have to share the same part of the road with cars
* Never turn right without first looking to see if there are any bicycles in the bike
To think outside of the box – to think in new and unusual ways; to have ideas
That other people have not had before
* Successful politicians are now thinking outside the box and using Twitter and
Facebook to attract voters, for example.
Landscape – what can be seen in one’s surroundings, especially when talking
About large, open natural areas
* Colorado has some of the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen.
How do you say (something) – How do you pronounce a word? What is the
Correct word to talk about something?
* How do you say “podcast” in Spanish?
What do you call (something) – What is the name for this thing? What word is
Used to talk about this thing?
* I know that is a spatula and that is a potato masher, but what do you call this?
Résumé – a short list of work experience, education, and other aspects of a
Person that make him or her qualified for a job