Elementary podcast series 01 episode 03

Section 1 – “Is that a new shirt?” – Making comments on a friend’s clothes
Ravi: Hello, and welcome to LearnEnglish Elementary podcast number three. My name’s Ravi.
Tess: And I’m Tess. I’m from London and Ravi’s from Manchester and we’re your presenters.
Ravi: And there’s one more important person for you to meet – our producer, Gordon. Say hello to everyone Gordon!
Gordon: Hello!
Tess: And how are you today Gordon?
Gordon: Very well Tess. And you?
Tess: I’m fine! Good. We’ll speak to Gordon again later in the show. You’re very smart today Ravi. Is that a new shirt you’re wearing?
Ravi: Yes – lovely isn’t it.
Tess: But you told me you’re trying to save money. You said “no more new clothes”.
Ravi: Well, I know, but, well, you know me Tess. I saw it in the shop and I liked it, so I had a look at it, but they didn’t have my size, so I thought oh well, never mind and then I looked again and they did have my size, so I thought, well I’ll try it on but I won’t buy it, and then I tried it on and of course it looked fantastic, and the shop assistant said it looked really good, and I still thought no, I won’t buy it, and then I looked at the price, and it was quite expensive so I thought, no I can’t buy it, and then the shop assistant said that it was in the sale – last week it was eighty pounds, but this week it was only forty pounds, that’s half price… so I bought it.
Tess: Forty pounds!! For a shirt!!
Ravi: But look at it – it’s a great shirt. We have to dress well now Tess – we’re celebrities.
Tess: This is a podcast Ravi! It isn’t MTV! Nobody can see you.
Ravi: Ah – that’s true, but I feel well-dressed, that’s the important thing.

Section 2 –

I’d like to meet

Ravi: Now let’s move on to our ‘I’d like to meet’ section. In this part of the podcast we ask people a simple question – which famous person, dead or alive would you like to meet? And we ask them to explain why. And today on ‘I’d like to meet’ we’ve got Martin with us. Hello Martin. Welcome to the podcast.
Martin: Hello Ravi. Hello Tess.
Tess: Hi Martin. And where are you from?
Martin: I’m from Glasgow – the biggest city in Scotland.
Tess: But Glasgow isn’t the capital city, is it.
Martin: No, Edinburgh’s the capital city, but Glasgow’s a lot bigger. And we call it the shopping capital of Scotland – we’ve got great shops in Glasgow. It’s a great city.
Ravi: I’d like to visit sometime. I’m the king of shopping – ask Tess, she knows.
Tess: It’s true.
Ravi: Now it’s time for the question. So Martin, which famous person, dead or alive would you like to meet?
Martin: I’d like to meet Jonathan Ive.
Ravi: Jonathan Ive? I don’t know who he is.
Martin: Not very many people know his name – he’s English but he works for Apple, the computer company – he joined the company in 1992 – he’s a vice president now I think – and he’s the man who designed the iMac and the iPod.
Ravi: Wow. The man who invented the iPod!
Martin: No, he didn’t invent it – he’s a designer, he designed it. He’s designed other things too, of course, but the iMac and the iPod are my favourites – they’re design classics.
Tess: OK. And why did you choose Jonathan…
Martin: Ive. Jonathan Ive.
Tess: …Jonathan Ive to talk about today?
Martin: Well, I’m a student and I study design – industrial design.

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Elementary podcast series 01 episode 03