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Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing program and simultaneously a desktop publishing program.

One can use Word to create any type of document, to make calculations and sorting. One can import graphics or spreadsheets, create multiply columns and complex tables, and link information in one^s Word documents to other documents – that is to perform any task one can imagine for his office or personal writing.

Finally one can print the formatted pages using either the keyboard or the mouse.

When one starts Word, there is a menu of commands at the top of the screen. This screen is the main menu.

If one feels more comfortable using the keyboard, he is able to do everything in Word with keys or switch the mouse, whichever is more convenient for him to choose a command.

Using the keyboard, remember, that there are two modes in Word: a typing or edit mode, where one can enter and make necessary alterations in a document, and a command mode, where one can select commands and options.

Every time you want to switch modes, press Esc key.

There is a form of minihelp that is on the Word screen all the time.

When one uses the arrow keys to highlight a command name in a command field, Word displays a brief description of the command at the bottom of the screen.

File management is an essential part of Word operation. If some computer has enough available memory, one can suspend Word temporarily and run other program.

It is especially convenient using DOS or OS/2 to find a file or check disk space.

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Editor microsoft word