Dreams are more powerful than reality

Dreams are more powerful than reality.
Our future is something we dream about, for dreams are something we can achieve.

There is a saying that dreams are more powerful than reality. Dreams are imagined reality. The one who is dreaming foreruns the one who is thinking. Our dreams are our anticipation of the future. They outrun the time. First they seem impossible, then illusory, and later they become inevitable. Dreams create the reality.

Dreams are one of the major themes in romantic books and films. A dream is a devout wish, or ideal goal in search for happiness. Any wish can become a dream. For example, one person dreams of making money, and then making more money through that money, and then more and more money and so on. The other one, being a millionaire, wishes to become a billionaire. However, each true wish needs to be accomplished, thus have a positive and qualitative result. Dreams, dreams… Who can support them!? That is an eternal question. When you hunger for something, the Universe will help you to achieve it, as each dream comes with the power to fulfill it. No wish is given without such power. So if you want to have something that you have never had, you should start with doing something that you have never done. In order to fulfill your dream you need to be patient and ambitious. So if you have a big goal, but you are limited in your abilities, you still need to act. Only through acting you can extend them. Of course you will need to put much effort in order to change something, but you should believe in yourself. Someone who dreams big and has no doubt in his courage will be at the top. The best tool to change the world is faith which helps to discover the unknown abilities and fulfill our wishes, for dreams are something we can achieve.

Dreams make the world interesting and meaningful. The greatest meaning of our life is to achieve our wishes and desires. Dreams are also our tool, helping us to live or to win. If

take away the human ability to dream, a greatest cultural, creative and scientific motivation will cease to exist. Humans must be able to dream, or we will stop thinking, understanding, creating and inventing things. So dreams are vital necessity.

Only those live who devote their hearts to greatest dreams. Life would have stopped if people could not dream and did not want to fulfill their wishes. Life is a constant movement, as most daring dreams come true. When we cannot dream any more, we die.

If we put all our dreams and wishes together, we get what we call reality. One and the same dream can unite people, communities and societies. Coming together people create and fulfill ambitious projects and thus change their own lives and the lives of others. This is what has been happening since the dawn of the human race. Everything a person can imagine could be called into being by others. So where will our modern dreams bring us? This is the question for every person today. One must control the dreams, or they can take one to nowhere, like a ship without the wheel.

We often use ideas to control our dreams. Dreams are usually ideological clichés, used for propaganda, such as ‘a dream for freedom’, ‘a dream for better future’, ‘American dream’. In a way, dreams program our lives, or they act as our pathfinders.

If you do not get closer to your dream you should stop and think over your life, so to understand the idea which drives you. Then you can direct your further actions and development to the world of your dream and its energy and informational entity.

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Dreams are more powerful than reality