Домашние любимцы / Our pets

Many people do not imagine their existence without animals. Pets take an indispensable part in their life.

Firstly, animals help us to ease the strain and relax. Sometimes it can be even more useful than communication with people, as they seem to support you anyway.

Secondly, pets can exert a healing effect on our health. If a person takes a good care of a domestic animal, it tries to help its owner. It was scientifically prooved that cats are able to cure their affectionate masters lying on a sore point.

At the same time, there are many cruel people who can easily turn their former pets out of the house. Theyfind various reasons for this: no time to maintain, it often creates chaos at home or it has just bored. But they totally forget about the necessity to be Responsible for their actions.

Humans have been connected with animals since the ancient times. These close relationships have kept until the present moment. To conclude, we still must remember that we are answerable for our pets.

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Домашние любимцы / Our pets