Does fear hold you back

Does fear hold you back?

Do thoughts like these crop into your everyday thinking…

What if I never get married?

What if I lose my job?

Why should I even try – I’ve never been able to do it before?

If you are like me, fear creeps into your daily thoughts.

What if I’m not good enough?

Fear has nasty effects. It leads to procrastination, creative blocks and unremarkable content.

It’s your sense of fear that derails success more often than actual failed attempts at success.

Looking deeper into the topic, however, I’ve discovered that often it’s not actual fear we’re dealing with. It’s something much more ridiculous.

It’s not fear that holds you back – it’s F. E. A. R. (more on that in a minute)

You see fear itself is a good thing. Fear causes you to have an emotional response to an actual threat. Fear is what keeps you alive. It let’s you know when you’re in immediate danger.

Fear is your signal to get someplace safer – quickly.

But it’s not always about personal safety.

Unfortunately, what once told us hey a lion is about to eat you, now connects every day stress and decisions to the same level of fear you have for your safety. A different type of safety – true. But studies have shows our fight or flight responses activated in board meetings.

Think about that.

You’re in a business meeting and your brain is on overdrive. Your mind is being asked to project success on something it has no reference to from the past. So in comes the fear, cautioning you to stay where you are.

Fear is also a very real emotional response you feel when you believe you are going to lose someone or something that’s important to you.

You can fear someone leaving you because you aren’t worth it.

You can fear being successful in your business because

you aren’t good enough.

You can fear your chasing your dream is going to bankrupt you.

And that’s the problem…

When trying to take action to achieve your dreams – business, personal, spiritual, whatever – it’s not fear that blocks you.

It’s F. E. A. R.

False Evidence Appearing Real.

If there’s no true threat of immediate physical danger, then what are you really afraid of?

F. E. A. R. is an illusion.

F. E. A. R. causes you to create barriers in your mind associated to risk which you believe are real. But it’s only what your mind is telling you to keep you from doing something you really want to do because your mind can’t find a safe way to project a successful outcome.

And while you can’t control how you feel, you absolutely can choose to take action instead of having a reaction.

You have the power of choice!

You see the definition of insanity as defined by Albert Einstein is “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

This means past failures are NOT a good indication of future failures especially if you add in new variables – new partners, new products, new platform.

Simply changing your approach can change everything!

Even if you didn’t change how you take action, but choose different timing (as we know timing IS everything), then you can’t deduct you are going to fail AGAIN.

You MIGHT. But there’s no PROOF. Either way there are no guarantees in life.

But I CAN guarantee you this…

If you are not getting the results you want, something is in your way.

From my experience, it’s usually one thing…


Do I believe you can eliminate fear? No. It’s programmed into our systems, you’d be wasting your time.


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Does fear hold you back