Doctor who chat part 4

Name: Doctor Who Chat
Part: 4
Writer: Andrey Lysenkov – vkontakte. ru/id105176267
Warning: there is a couple mistakes

Roboda: I’ve updated the Chat “Doctor Who”. Now there is a new option “private chate”. You can talk with people you want to talk, but nobody can read this exept you and your “private” friend.
– – Doctor online – –
D. – cool i have so many questions to everyone
– – Lysenkov online – –
D.-o tardis gets a sos signal from the ship.
– Sobg online – –
D. – my sensor says that it’s the pirate ship. we go and i’ll tell u everything about my journey
– – Doctor offline – –
L. – i’ll wait for u
S. – good luck, swetie
– – Private chat have been activated between Song and Lysenkov – –

/> S. – andry, how did u met the Doctor? why r u here?
L. – and u are so intresting about that… well, i didn’t tell u anything… like a partisan
S. – but we know about each other: me, amy, doctor, rory. but nothing about u.
– – Lysenkov offline – –
– – Song offline – –
– – Private chat closed – –
– – Lysenkov online – –
– – Doctor online – –
– – Song online – –
D. – we’ve seen the sirena. actually, it was the programme-doctor…
– – Amy online – –
A. – we have seen the siren who destroyed every one who ill by one touch. but she was a doctor…
D. – thank u, pond. but i just mention it
– – Rory online – –
R. – sirena show up from anything reflaction
R. – by the way, amy fighted on sword
L. – hey-hey, hold on. let’s anyone of u tell us exacly that happend
R.- we went to the signal of the pirate ship
L.- no, rory, doctor must tell
D.. – ok, we went to the ship and my sensors said that it’s the pirate ship. then we met sirena. when u wound youself or illed she point *пометит* u – on your hand u’ ll see a black spot
D. – then she show up from any reflaction and sing… singing drive the spoting man mad
D. – anyone who has black spot want to touch her but one her touch destroy u… well, we think like that
D. – when anyone touch her we find out that she not destroy she just move u through quant time porta… time-wimey)
L. – that’s… amazing
D. – yeap, now we going to the 6th planet of gri-glo sistem – it’s one of places where live have been born out. bay-bay
– – Doctor offline – –
– – Private chat activated between Rory, Amy and Song – –
A. – We must tell him! we’ll save his long live!
S. – it’ll destroy a half of universe
A. – but why did he call us? why did he show his daeth? he wanted we save him!
S. – no, he want we help him, and then he help us at last time
A. – we must stop him!!! he CAN’T die! fo u hear me? HE CAN’T!!!
R. – Amy, we have 200 years. we’ll wait
A. – just wait? and let him die???
R. – We even don’t know WHY he did it
A. – Ok… but we’ll save him
– – Rory offline – –
– – Amy offline – –
– – Song offline – –
– – Private chat closed – –
– – Lysenkov off – –
– – Doctor online – –
– – Amy online – –
D. – i have a little mistake… again
– – Rory online – –
A. – yeah. we are in the middle of nowhere!
D. – actually we are in… the cosmos and he has been borning the sun… because there is dangerous
A. – O, great…
– – Song online – –
R. – can we go to more savity next time? sirena, borning sun…
D. – Ok, we are moving to Earth of 22th centruary. a bit spoiler for u))
L.-can u tell me your fondest dream?
D. – well… meet another timelords…
D.-no, i have everything.