– Your name is George Scott, isn’t it?

– Yes, it is. I am an electronic engineer. I live and work in New York. And what’s your name?

– My name is Peter Brook. I am an editor. I live and work in San Francisco.

– You are married, aren’t you?

– Oh, yes. I am married and I’ve got two daughters.

– What a coincidence! I’ve got two daughters, too: Helen and Mary. What are your daughters names?

– They are Susan and Jane. Susan is ten years old and Jane is eight. They both go to a private school. Do your daughters go to school?

– Not yet. Helen is five years old and Mary is three.

– They are at home. aren’t they?

– Sure. My wife Joan doesn’t work now. She runs house and looks after the children. Emily is the name of my wife. She is a designer. She adores her trade and dreams of going to her office again. But she can’t for the time being.

– It’s only natural. Nowadays very few women are satisfied with being housewives. My wife whose name is Nancy is a teacher of Russian. She works at a college.

– Do you have any brothers or sisters?

– Unfortunately not. I am the only child in the family. I’ve got a cousin who lives in Chicago. We are on friendly terms.

– I have got a sister. She is much younger than I am. She lives with our parents in Los Angeles. I’ve seen very little of her of late.

– Los Angeles is a beautiful city. My aunt lives there and I visit her from time to time.

– It’s a long time since I went to Los Angeles.

– Too bad!

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