Английские топики по теме: Диалоги по английскому языку

1 Customer: Excuse me. Where can I find men’s shoes? Store guide: Men’s shoes. That’s on the first floor. Customer: Where are the stairs? Store guide: There are escalators on your right. Customer: Right. And have you got maps of London? Store guide: No, we haven’t. Soriy. Customer: OK. Thanks. 2 Store guide: Can I… Read Article →

Student 1: So, weVe got ‘the arts’ in the centre and five sections from it. I think the five sections are ‘painting, film, music, literature and theatre’. OK? Student 2: Yes, that’s right. I think we can put ‘dance’ and ‘plays’ under ‘theatre’. And what about ‘opera’ and ‘ballet’ – they’re ‘theatre’ too, I think…. Read Article →

Jason: I’m here at Heathrow Airport with the Garfield family: Derek and Moira and their children Todd and Alicia. Today’s the start of an amazing adventure for them. In half an hour they get on a plane to begin the holiday of a lifetime. Derek, how are you feeling right now? Derek: To be honest,… Read Article →

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