Английские топики по теме: Диалоги по английскому языку

1 Speaker 1: I live quite near the building. Some of my family worked in it – they produced electrical equipment, but that was a long time ago. It’s funny to think that my family worked there and now I do my shopping in the same building. 2 Speaker 2: It’s in a wonderful location,… Read Article →

Part 1 Welcome to the free Tourist Information Line for visitors to Great Britain. For information on visas and immigration, please press one. For information on driving in Britain, please press two. For information on hotels, please press three. For information on public transport in Britain, please press four. To return to this menu at… Read Article →

Andi: Good morning. Charity Challenge, Andi speaking. How can I help you? David: Oh, hello. My name’s David MacMahon. I’m interested in doing one of your challenges and I’d like to ask some questions. Andi: That’s fine, David. Please, go ahead. David: Well, first, where exactly do the challenges take place? Andi: All over the… Read Article →

Presenter: Good evening. Tonight we’ve got Mariela with us to talk about her favourite films from the last ten years. Mariela, what do you think is the best film of the last ten years? Mariela: Hello, Neil. Well, there’s no competition for me. I know a lot of people think it was Gladiator, but for… Read Article →

Woman 1: Hello, Mrs Smith. How’s your Susie? Woman 2: She’s fine, thank you. MrsJones. And how’s Jonny? Woman 1: He’s OK. thanks. He can play the guitar now. you know. Woman 2: Oh. Susie can play the guitar. and she can play the piano too. Woman 1: Well, Jonny can’t play the piano but… Read Article →

1 Maria: Hello, I’m Maria. Clara: Hello Maria, I’m Clara. Maria: Pleased to meet you. 2 Jordi: Excuse me, are you Silvio? Silvio: Yes, I am. What’s your name? Jordi: My name’s Jordi. 3 Maria: Where are you from? Clara: I’m from Barcelona. 4 Jordi: What’s your email address? Silvio: It’s sitvio77@hotserve. com. 5 Maria:… Read Article →

Laurence Redburn: Hello and welcome to In the rubbish bin, the show where we look at people’s lives by looking at their rubbish. I’m Laurence Redburn. Today we look at the diets of two very different families. I have their rubbish bins in the studio, with a typical day’s rubbish, so, let’s start with rubbish… Read Article →

Host: Good afternoon. Welcome to Live to Leam. People today often want to continue learning through their lives, but what are their choices? First, let’s talk to Aileen Murphy, head of Haresfield Adult College. Local College: Good afternoon. Well, at Haresfield College, we organise classes in local schools and in our centre. The classes are… Read Article →

Jenny: Let’s have a look in the shop. Serge: There’s a good selection of things here. Do you want to look at some posters of the paintings? Jenny: I don’t know. I like posters but they’re quite expensive. I prefer buying postcards because the/re cheaper. Serge: Yes. You’re right. There are some over there. Jenny:… Read Article →

1 Victoria I’ve joined the drama group at university because I really love performing. I’m going to learn how to sing and dance. 1 want to act in plays and musicals and of course I’d like to be famous one day. Sometimes TV producers watch our student shows so anything is possible! 2 Helena My… Read Article →

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