Топики по английскому языку на тему: Диалоги по английскому языку

Andi: Good morning. Charity Challenge, Andi speaking. How can I help you? David: Oh, hello. My name’s David MacMahon. I’m […]

Laurence Redburn: Hello and welcome to In the rubbish bin, the show where we look at people’s lives by looking […]

Jenny: Let’s have a look in the shop. Serge: There’s a good selection of things here. Do you want to […]

1 Victoria I’ve joined the drama group at university because I really love performing. I’m going to learn how to […]

Interviewer: David, how old are you? David: I’m 22. Interviewer: Do you have any special abilities? David: Well, I can […]

Mike: Hi Jane, it’s me. Jane: Oh, hello Mike. What’s the problem? Mike: You didn’t write the names on those […]

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