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Exclusive bind

When on, the wrap deformer’s target surface will behave like a rigid bind skin and Weight Threshold is disabled. Each surface point on the wrap deformer’s target surface will only be affected by a single wrap influence object point.
NoteExclusive bind only works with polygon mesh target surfaces.
Auto Weight Threshold

When on, the wrap deformer automatically sets the optimal weight of the wrap influence objects’ shapes by calculating the smallest Max Distance value that will ensure every point on the mesh is affected by an influence object. This option is on by default.
Weight Threshold

Lets you manually specify the influence of the wrap influence objects’ shapes based on the proximity of their components to the objects being deformed. Depending on the point density (for example, the number of CVs) of the wrap influence objects, changing the Weight Threshold can change the overall smoothness of the deformation effect. Values range from 0.000 (smooth) to 1.000 (sharp). Use the slider to select values from 0.000 to 1.000. Default is 0.000.
NoteWeight Threshold, Use Max Distance, and Max Distance are only available when Auto Weight Threshold is turned off.
Use Max Distance

Turn Use Max Distance on if you want to set the Max Distance value and limit the influence area.
Max Distance

Specifies the influence area of wrap influence object points. By limiting the influence area with Max Distance, you can manually limit how much memory Maya requires to perform the deformation. The less memory required, the better the performance. Using Max Distance is especially useful when you are working with high-resolution wrap influence objects.
NoteThe Weight Threshold takes effect within the influence area defined by the Max Distance value.

The Max Distance value is in Maya’s working units, which are by default centimeters

(Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences > Settings > Working Units). The default Max Distance is 1, limiting the influence area to within a distance of 1 unit from each point, which requires less memory. A Max Distance of 0 means the influence area is infinite. This setting will use the maximum amount of memory.

The Auto Weight Threshold value provides a good starting weight for the minimum cutoff. If the deformation is not satisfactory using this value, you can turn off Auto Weight Threshold and adjust the Weight Threshold manually. To find the best value, start by using the Auto Weight Threshold value that displays in the Attribute Editor, then gradually reduce the value until the deformation is satisfactory.
Render Influence Objects

Sets whether the wrap influence objects are rendered or not. When on, the wrap influence objects are visible if you render the scene, and when off, they are not visible when you render.
TipYou might want to render the wrap influence object, for example, if you use a cloth garment as a wrap influence object and want to render both the action of the garment and the wrap deformer’s effects.

Falloff Mode

Select from the following options.


Sets the wrap deformer to use direct distances to calculate weights for the wrap influence objects. This is the default.

Sets the deformer to use surface-based distances to calculate the weights. Using this mode, you can create wrap deformer effects such as a mouth with the upper and lower lips moving independently.

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Deformers – wrap