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There are two things you need if you are to uncover and communicate what is really happening in the world. One is to be free of any dogmatic belief system. The second is not to give a damn what people think and say about you, or, at least, not to let that influence your decisions.

Without number one you will never go into the bizarre areas that are necessary to understand the forces that control this planet. Once you are faced with information that demolishes your belief system you will begin to edit what you have discovered and refuse to go where it is taking you. Without number two, you will never communicate what you have found because you will be terrified of the consequences for you from the reaction of your friends, family and the public in general.

You are about to read a book by someone who will go wherever the information takes him and who, thanks to hard and extreme experience in the early 1990s, let go the concern for what other people might think of him. And so we are going to enter some apparently bizarre and outrageous areas of thought and documented evidence. If you have a belief-system to defend, please don’t waste your time and money. This is not for you.

But, in truth, what you are going to hear is not outrageous at all. It just appears to be so because it is so different from the conditioned “norm”. Crazy and insane are words used throughout history to describe people and ideas that are simply different. And different does not mean wrong. So many condemned and ridiculed ideas in the past have later become conventional wisdom.

First they ridicule you; then they condemn you; then they say they knew you were right all along.

This book is designed to pull together the evidence and background of the extraterrestrial, inner-terrestrial, and interdimensional control of Planet Earth for thousands of years to the present day. To do this, I have weaved together information in The Biggest Secret with a mass

of new historical and modern accounts, to present as clear a picture as possible of the forces that daily manipulate and direct the lives of the human race. This is not the whole story, however, just part of it. There is still so much more to know.

Readers of my previous books will see information they already know fused with the latest knowledge and developments because it is important that my books are self contained so that new readers will have all they need to follow the plot. I have endeavored to keep the book simple and to the point for those billions of people who have never had access to such information before.

For more fine detail and sources on the various inter-connected subjects, see:

* …And The Truth Shall Set You Free
* I Am Me, I Am Free
* The Biggest Secret

Please remember that what you read here is simply information. It is not compulsory to accept it and the last thing I am trying to do is persuade you to believe anything. What you believe is your business, not mine. Have I got all the answers? Of course not. Do I have some of them? See what you think.

David Icke

Ryde, Isle of Wight

January 1st 2001

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David icke – children of the matrix – 01 – life beyond the bubble