Customs and traditions in GB 1

I am going to tell you about British customs and traditions. First of all, about the British political system. In the UK, there is no written constitution, only customs, traditions and precedents. After the English Revolution, the constitutional monarchy was established. Over the course of history, a king was the reigning authority. Today, Queen Elisabeth II is the reigning British monarch. Traditionally the queen acts only on the advice of her ministers. She reigns as a figurehead, but she does not rule.

The British have traditions not only in political spheres, but also in social life. For example, London, the capital of England, is traditionally divided into three parts: the West End, the East end, and the City. The City is the historical, financial and business center of London. The East End is a district inhabited by the working class, and the West End is a fashionable shopping and entertaining center. British people like to spend their free time in numerous pubs where they can have a pint of beer and talk about life with their friends.

The British are traditional about their meals. They eat eggs and bacon with toast for breakfast, and pudding or apple pie for dessert. Every family has five o’clock tea. A typical feature of a British house is a fireplace, even when there is central heating. Brits like domestic animals. Every family has a pet: a dog, a cat or a bird.

Politeness is a characteristic of British social etiquette. They often say “Thank you”, “Sorry”, “Beg your pardon”.

The UK also has many traditional holidays, such as Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and others.

Customs and traditions in GB 1