Culture & history of bermuda

Shipwrecks. African drum beats. Knee socks. Culturally, our resort island is a unique blend of colonial history and African heritage. This has given birth to our colourful local legends and rich traditions.

As Britain’s oldest colony, its influence continues to dominate our government, educational and legal institutions. You may spot one of our judges walking through Hamilton in a powdered wig, see a bobby directing traffic or overhear a passionate conversation about a local cricket match.

African influences, while subtler, can be found in our dance and music, especially reggae, calypso and the rhythm of the Gombeys. The heritage of these forefathers and mothers can be explored on our African Diaspora Heritage Trail.
Did you know

* Our island was sighted by Spanish sea explorer Juan de Bermúdez in 1503
* We are well known for our fresh seafood, pub lunches and the Dark ‘n Stormy®
* Bermuda shorts are considered business and smart casual wear

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Culture & history of bermuda