Cтрана тайн и мистики / The country of secrets and mysticism

Last summer was the most astonishing in my life. I visited the country covered by sacrets and mysticism. It was exactly such wonderland about that Alice could dream…Let`s start with the reality!

When I had a birthday my parents gave me a present. It was a tour about Egypt. It was imposible to impress my feelings! I couldn`t think about anything else at that moment. With that event began some unpleasant things. I had to form a pasport, to gather documents, to buy clothes. But that queues said about themselves. It was worth that.

The time in the plane seemed endless to me. The cause of suchfeeling was my wish to arrive quicker at the home land of the pharaoh.

The luxury hotel where I stood was near the wonderful beach lined with palm trees. The administration of the hotel gave me a big and comfortable room. There was an excellent view at the sea. There were lovely swimming-pools and restaurants in that hotel. But I prefered to rest at the seaside and didn`t miss a chanceto do sunbathing. That`s pitybut on the first day there I got a bit burnt. On the second day I was fine. I also ctarted to learn windsurfing. It was so extreme for me.

Two days later our group went to watch sights. I couldn`t belive my eyes…I saw the famous pyramids of Cheops, Menkaura and Hafra. I also was suprised by the ancient temples and statues. They were brilliant! But the famous golden Tutankhamun`s mask and the mask of the death weren`t shown to us. Most of all I was suprised by Spinx. It was the thing with the head of the pharaoh and the body off yhe lion. It was so enigmatic and mystic. If you watch it, you will feel a strange feeling and your mind goes deep in the unexplained thing.

So it was the time to go to the hotel. After arriving we went to the restaurant. We usually went there to have a rest and to drink and to eat some exotic cocktails and fruits.

Nights we went to the disco. It was so cool! I met a lot of friends and very interesting peoople there. We danced and the music played loudly. I had a lot of fun.

Well the last day of my staying there came. I immediately went shopping and bought some beautiful clothes and souvenirs for my relatives and friends. The local inhabitans were very friendly and pertained to me intelligently.

So tere is the boarding on the plane… There is the end of my story,

To be continued…

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Cтрана тайн и мистики / The country of secrets and mysticism