Copyblogger: 7 tips for falling in love with your blog all over again

You’re trying hard not to show it,
But baby, baby I know it…
You’ve lost that loving feeling…
~The Righteous Brothers

Ever get to a point with your blog and your content marketing strategy where you’re just… worn out?

The writing that used to thrill you now feels like a chore. Your readers are getting on your nerves. The tedious little tasks are getting to you.

You don’t want to quit… but you do want to get some of that old magic back, the way it was in the early days.

Blogs and businesses in general are a lot like marriages. Sometimes you’ve got to put in a little extra work to keep that spark alive.

If you could use a few ideas to re-romance your business blogging, you’re in the right spot. And if you’re still passionately in love, don’t worry… the same techniques that rekindle the spark can be used to keep that flame as bright as it is today.

#1: Learn something new
The human brain was not meant to absorb all the information it needed at age 24.6 and then stop learning.

As soon as you quit learning and growing, you start to die. That was what made your business so much fun in the first place – that crazy learning curve. It may have been overwhelming or intimidating at times, but it was also exhilarating.

It’s critical to your business (and your self-respect) that you keep learning. As soon as you start to rest on what you already know, you’ll start to get bored. And some clever, energetic competitor will show up to snap at your heels.

Add a new skill to your mix, or get even more amazing at some of the skills you already possess. Dive into a topic that scares you, like becoming a better salesperson or exploring the wild frontiers of your topic.

Remember Mihály Csíkszentmihályi’s definition of optimal flow – you have to be at the point where

it’s not too hard and it’s not too easy. Learning something new will give you a nice refreshing dip back in the deep end.

#2: Do a Q & A call
If your problem is self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or believing that you don’t truly deliver something of value, announce a free Q & A call for your audience.

Use one of the free teleconference services out there and put the word out: You want your readers’ questions, and you’ll be available live to answer them. Get all of your blogging and social media friends to help you spread the word.

You can also do this as a blog post or a competition for some free one-on-one consultations – it’s a great way to rack up lots of traffic and attention in a hurry.

You’ll find that you know a lot more than you think you do. You might not be able to answer every single question, but that’s ok – just let your questioner know you’ll look into it. (More learning, yay!)

But you’ll be amazed at how many questions you can answer. This is the fastest confidence-builder I know. It’s also amazingly energizing to see firsthand how much you can help the people who are reading you. And that’s the kind of happiness-booster that lasts longer than a cute new pair of shoes or a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

#3: Connect
Quick, name your 10 favorite blogs.

Today, visit each one of them, read their most recent posts, and drop some comment love. Remember how they used to inspire you to create better content yourself? Let them inspire you all over again.

Start making plans now to go to the next live event in your topic. If it’s in two weeks and you’re broke, plan for the one that’s three months out.

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Copyblogger: 7 tips for falling in love with your blog all over again