Confession of a shopaholic – book one of a shopaholic series part 6

OK, I THINK FIRMLY the next day. The thing is not to get freaked out by how much I happened to
Spend yesterday. It’s water under the bridge. The point is, today is the beginning of my new frugal life.
From now on, I’m just going to spend absolutely nothing. David E. Barton says you should aim to cut
Your expen-diture by half in the first week, but I reckon I can do much better than that. I mean, not
Wanting to be rude, but these self-help books are always for people with absolutely zero self-control,
Aren’t they? And I gave up smoking easily enough. (Except socially, but that doesn’t count.)
I feel quite exhilarated as I make myself a cheese sandwich and wrap it up in tinfoil. I’ve already saved a
Couple of quid, just by doing that! I haven’t got a flask (must buy one at the week-end), so I can’t take in
Coffee, but there’s a bottle of Peach Herbal Blast in the fridge so I decide I’ll take that instead. It’ll be
Health-ier, too.
In fact, it makes you wonder why people buy shop-made sandwiches at all. Look how cheap and easy
It is to make your own. And it’s the same with curries. David E. Barton says instead of forking out for
Expensive takeaway meals you should learnhow to make your own curries and stir-fries, for a fraction of
The cost. So that’s what I’m going to do this weekend, after I’ve been to a museum or maybe just
Walked along the river, enjoying the scenery.
As I walk along to the tube I feel pure and refreshed. Stern, almost. Look at all these people on the
Street, scurrying around, thinking about nothing but money. Money, money, money. It’s an obsession.
But once you relinquish money altogether, it ceases to have any relevance. Already I feel I’m in a
Completely different mindset. Less materialistic, more philosophical. More spiritual. As David E. Barton

/> Says, we all fail to appreciate each day just how much we already possess. Light, air, freedom, the
Companionship of friends. . . I mean, these are the things that matter, aren’t they?
It’s almost frightening, the transformation that’s already occurred within me. For example, I walk past
The magazine kiosk at the tube station and idly glance over, but I don’t feel the slight-est desire to buy any
Of the magazines. Magazines are irrelevant in my new life. (Plus I’ve already read most of them.)
So I get on the tube feeling serene and impervious, like a Buddhist monk. When I get off the tube at the
Other end, I walk straight past the discount shoe shop without even looking, and straight past Lucio’s,
Too. No cappuccino today. No muffin. No spending at all – just straight to the office.
It’s quite an easy time of the month for Successful Saving. We’ve only just put the latest issue of the
Magazine to bed, which basically means we can laze around for a few days doing nothing, before getting
Our acts together for the next issue. Of course, we’re meant to be starting on research for next month’s
Article. In fact, I’m supposed to be making phone calls to a list of stockbrokers today, asking for their
Investment tips for the next six months. But I already know what they’re all going to say. Jon Burrins will
Go on about the problems with e-commerce stocks, George Steadman will enthuse about some tiny
Biotechnology company, and Steve Fox will tell me how he wants to get out of the stockbroking game
And start an organic farm.
Somehow the whole morning goes by and I haven’t done anything, just changed the screen saver on my

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