Communications. (phrasebook)

How are you?
Thank you, fine.
Am I going too fast?
I like… very much.
I’m fond of… .
It’s early (yet)!
Excuse me…
Thank you (for your invitation).
I have no time.
I have little time.
May I sit down here?
Sit down, please.
Do you like music (sports, reading)?
Thank you for the invitation, but I’ll be busy this time.
Sit down, please.
Would you like to join us (our company)?
Would you like to go for a walk (to go to the theatre, cinema)?
Are you busy this evening?
I’ll be very glad to see you.
I am glad to meet you!
How’d you like it in here?
This place is pretty exciting.
What are you doing tomorrow?
Could you tell me your telephone number?
Thank you very much for your invitation.
How much does the ticket cost?
Can it be so late?
Don’t mind it, you may leave your shoes, hat, coat on.
What would you propose then?
I hope we’ll see each other again.
It could be raining (snowing). Why don’t we get in someplace?
What do you look like?
I am tall (with dark hair).
I am with fair/red hair (with blue/grey eyes).
I’m wearing a silk blouse (blue jeans, wool jumper).
What are your clothes like?
Can you tell me…, please
May I see you for a moment?
May I…
How do you want (prefer) me to do it?
What colour…?
One minute, please!
What is your favourite season?
Good bye!
Take care!
See you!
See you again (soon)!
O. K.
(That’s) Ok.
Yes, sure (certainly).
You are right.
It’s quite possible. (That might be so.)
I agree with you (him, her, smb.’s point of view).
I’m not into it.
I’m going home (to…’s place, to visit a friend).

/> I’m sorry, I can’t.
No, thanks.
I think yes.
Do you agree with me?
Certainly not.
I don’t agree with you.
It can hardly be so.
You are mistaken.
Could you help me, please?
It can really be so.
That’s quite doubtful. (I doubt.)
I am not sure.
Thanks a lot!
I am much obliged (to you)!
Thank you, with pleasure.
Very well!
I’m (so) sorry.
I am ever so sorry!
I hope that I did not hurt you.
Sorry for keeping you waiting.
That’s not my fault.
There’s nothing to worry about.
I feel very sorry.
I often go shopping with my friends (parents).
Please take it easy!
I didn’t mean it (anything bad, to offend you, to hurt you).
Don’t mind it please.
I apologize (for calling you a…, for addressing you in an inappropriate way).
I beg your pardon!
I love you.
Watch out!
Please call back later.
You got the wrong number.
It’s a present.
Good day!
Good night!
Say it again, please.
Not at all! (You are welcome!)
Wait a minute, please!
Don’t think (worry) about it.
This place is pretty empty (crowded, stuffy, dull).
This place is pretty (a bit, unbearably, incredibly, awfully) stuffy.

Do you speak English (German, French, Spanish)?
I don’t speak English (German, French, Spanish).
I understand English (German, French, Spanish) but I cannot speak.
I (don’t) understand you.
What’s the English (German, French, Spanish) for…?
We (don’t) need an interpreter.
I am learning English (German, French, Spanish), but still cannot speak well.
Do you understand me?
Speak slower (louder, quieter), please.
Will you say that again, please?

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