Come back, amelia bedelia (chapter 5)

“I declare!” she said. “Everybody is mad today”. Amelia Bedelia walked on down the street. She came to a doctor’s office. There was a sign that said HELP WANTED. “Maybe that’s the job for me”, said Amelia Bedelia. She went inside. The doctor was there.
“I will be your help”, said Amelia Bedelia.
“Good”, said the doctor. “Bring in the patients one at a time. Come when I buzz for you”.
“All right”, said Amelia Bedelia. “I can do that”.
The doctor went into his office. A woman and a girl came in.
“Who is the patient?” asked Amelia Bedelia.
“Jane”, said the woman.
“Then I’ll take her in”, said Amelia Bedelia. She picked Jane up.
“Put me down! I can walk!” screamed Jane.
“Nope”, said Amelia Bedelia, “the doctor said to bring you in”.
And Amelia Bedelia carried Jane into the doctor’s office.
“Put Jane down!” said the doctor. “Bring her mother in”.
“Bring her mother in?” said Amelia Bedelia. “Can’t she just walk?”
“Never mind”, said the doctor. “Mrs Jackson, please come in”/
Amelia Bedelia went back to her desk.
A little later the buzzer rang.
“I need your help”, said the doctor. “Dickie had a bad cut. He needs a few stitches”.
“I can take care of that”, said Amelia Bedelia.
She opened her purse.
“Here is a needle. Now, what color thread does Dickie like?”
“No! No!” said the doctor. “I wanted you to put my gloves on. Can you do that?”
“Oh my, yes!” said Amelia Bedelia. “I will be glad to”.
So Amelia Bedelia put the doctor’s gloves on.
“There now”, she said. “They are a little big, but they’re on. What next?”
The doctor looked at Amelia Bedelia. His face turned red.
“Go home!” he said.
“Home!” said Amelia Bedelia.

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Come back, amelia bedelia (chapter 5)