Cities and countries

-“Let`s talk about the principal countries of the world, their capitals, and their most important cities. As you know, the capital of a country is not always the country`s most important or largest city”

-“Isn`t the largest city usually the capital?”

-“Usually. At least it is in many countries, but not in all countries. An example is Canada. The largest city are Toronto, and Montreal, but the capital is Ottawa”

-“I think that`s true in the United States, too. Washington D. C. is the capital. It`s large and important city, but there are many cities which are larger than Washington, for example, Los-Angeles, Philadelphia and Houston”

-“Right. Now who knows which city is the largest and most important in France?’
-“That`s easy. It`s Paris”

-“Good. Now here are some other countries in which capital is also the largest city and the business and financial center:Mexico, England, Italy, Egypt and Japan. Who can tell us the cities which are the capitals of all these countries?’

-“The capital and most important city in Mexico is Mexico city. In England, I think the largest, most important city is London. The capital of Italy is Rome. The capital and business and financial centers of Egypt and Japan are Cairo and Tokyo. consistently”

-“What is the largest city in the United States, Mr. Parks?”

-It`s a city that is not a capital of a country or a state. Do you want to guess?”

-“New York city”

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Cities and countries