Что такое счастье / What happiness is

Happiness is a state of mind when we are satisfied with our life and full of energy. But how can it be reached?

First of all, we have to make the people who surround us happy. In particularly, they are our relatives and friends. As it is known, positive emotions (as well as negative) can be communicated to the others. So, a person can scarcely be happy looking at miserable faces.

As for personal success, everybody have different opinion on this score. For the ones it is a lucky career, but for the others – an affectionate and understanding family or just a quiet life in the countryside.

One of theuniversal ways to happiness is an ability to define a purpose and to make all the necessary efforts to reach it. As I have already assured, that gives an opportunety to feel Relative freedom and self-sufficiency.

Anyway, all the people use their own means to gain happiness. At the same time, we do not always manage to fulfil all the designed plans. Despite this fact, we should not give way to dispair, since belief in success is not less important.

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Что такое счастье / What happiness is