Человек и City & Guilds / Person and City & Guilds

English is one of the most commonly used languages in the world. It is used in day-to-day life or as official language in some countries and at the international events. So, it is the most needed language.

How can you prove that you know the English language? May be, you need to demonstrate your English. In this case an International Certificate for Speakers of Other languages helps you. For example, it can be a City & Guilds Certificate in ESOL International.

The City & Guilds Certificate gives the new different abilities such as getting a job in an international company or abroad in an English-speaking country. More over, it advantageously differs from others by its long valid.

So, all that influenced on my decision to take this exam. I am glad that I have Chosen it. Now I am a happy owner of the City & Guilds Certificate in ESOL International.

Passing the exam had a great influence on me. Firstly, I could fairly appreciate my abilities. I learnt about a level of my English. Secondly, I developed different qualities such as persistence which helped me to do it. I consider that I passed the tests with dignity. I should say that I did not pass it at the first time. But I did not give up and gained my end. It was a real challrnge for me. And I am thankful to my teachers and parents who were supporting me in that important for me time. Finally, my English became better while I was preparing for the exam. I think it is significant.

In my opinion, people should take different exams because it gives them a lot of benefits. It gives Them not only different franchises and prerogatives; it also gives them a development of different important abilities.

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Человек и City & Guilds / Person and City & Guilds