Ценность денег / The value of money

There are two contrary points of view on the topic of money. According to one of them, wealth is the most important thing in people`s life. But supporters of another statement maintain that there are many things which are much more valuable.

Firstly, the extent of well-being can be an indicator of person`s intellection. Judging by common conceptions, only educated and brainy people can be engaged on a decent job which pays well. At the same time, that is not always like this. For instance, a millionaire can also be a fraud and deceiver who bosses other people around.

Secondly, money let us fulfil our requirements. It makes the range of possibilities more various. However, it is an open secret that human`s necessities are boundless: the more of them are realised, the more are Likely to occur again.

Furthermore, poor people are always bound to restrict themselves. Naturally, that makes them feel miserable and depressed. Therefore, these people tend to make a crime to a greater degree than representatives of classes with a satisfactory abundance.

In my opinion, money is one of the necessary elements in our life, yet it is not basic. Finally, the level of material security should fit moral development and education.

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Ценность денег / The value of money