Business one:one. script 5

Really, Adam.
This is terrible. We have customers waiting outside in the cold. There’s no reason to make them wait so long.
We open at nine – it’s not as difficult as all that!
It was even later this morning.
Just because you can’t get out of bed In time.
What are you going to do about it? Well?
Yeah, but maybe I can explain…
No ‘buts’. There’s no excuse. You’ve just got to be here on time in future. Don’t let it happen again.
I’ve no more to say.
Well, I realize…
Oh, Adam. Have you got a minute?
Yes, of course.
I’m afraid it’s about timing again.
As you are aware, we open at nine.
We can’t keep our customers waiting.
I must insist that you arrive on time to let them in.

Yeah, I’m sorry, um…
Is there something making it difficult? Do you think you could get here earlier?
Yes, of course. There are road works at the moment, so it’s not as quick as before.
Well, I’m sorry, but please do get here on time.
Yes. I’ll do my best.
Thanks for making time to talk.
That’s fine! How can I help?
Well, it’s just that… I’m quite busy at the moment.
I know! You’ve been doing some great work, really.

Oh, good, good. The thing is, as you know, I can’t really stay late at work because of the children. I have to plan my work very carefully.
I’m under such a lot of pressure…
Right. … so I’d be grateful if we could fix times to discuss work.
Just that, well, could you please try not to interrupt me when I’m working?
It makes it hard to fit in my work.

Oh, right. Of course. I’d no idea. I am sorry.
Well, do you think we could have a meeting once a week – say, Tuesdays?
Oh, OK.

Maybe Wednesdays? At eleven?
Yes, that’d be fine.
Good. Well, that’s tomorrow then! OK?
Yes, thank you.
Could I have a word?
Yes, sure.
OK, Well. It’s about the report you sent.
Yes…? Um, I sent it to head office on Friday…
Yes. Thank you. I know you haven’t had much experience in this area.
No, but…
Well, maybe I can point out one or two things.
Head office doesn’t need so much information: they only need the key points, so you don’t need to include so much detail.
It doesn’t need to be nearly as long as that.
Oh, right, OK.
Perhaps I can show you one of Mike’s reports?
It’s a bit more target-focused.
I think it would make it easier for you.
Do you think you could try next time?
OK, Thank you.
Good, I’ll send it through before the end of today, OK?
Yes, thanks very much.
5.4 Alan, have you got a minute?
Yes, of course.
Well. I’m afraid it’s about your jeans again.
Oh, I thought it might be.
Well, as you know, jeans are not suitable for the office. We’ve talked about this before.
Yes. We have. Sorry.
Well, could you please try not to wear jeans again at work?

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Business one:one. script 5