Business one:one. script 4

Right. OK, well, before we start, I’d just like to say I’m very pleased with how successful our stand was at the trade fair on Friday.
The stand looked pretty good – and, Jane, you did very well to get such a good location.

It made such a difference.
Yeah, I think it did.
Well done, Jane.
And Alan – you spent most of your time looking after visitors.
Well, we’ve been quite busy with email and phone enquiries already this morning.
In fact, I can tell you that we’ve already taken several large orders from people who visited the stand!
That’s excellent!
Yeah, that’s really good news.
Great, Well done everybody!
Hi Tim, How are you getting along?
Well not bad – it’s quite difficult to remember everyone’s name, but I’m getting there!
Oh, don’t worry.
By the way, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation yesterday.
You did a great job.
Yes – absolutely! In fact, everybody thought it was absolutely fantastic! We’ve already tried out some of your time-saving ideas in our department.
It’s really going to improve efficiency.

Well, I was fairly pleased with it.
Anyway, thanks for your support!
You’re welcome!
Ah, John, thanks for stopping by.
Hope you’re not too rushed?
No, it’s fine.
I just wanted to mention…
I’ve been chatting to Philippe in Paris, and they’re already asking if we can send another pack of brochures through.
They’re extremely popular there, it seems.
Oh, really? That’s a surprise.
Well… maybe, but I really liked the way you included the customer stories.
Anyway, they love it – you’ve done very well.

Well… , if you think so!
I do! Anyway, can I ask you to give Philippe a call in Paris?
He’ll be in for the rest of the day.
OK, and thanks!

Oh, John – I just wanted to mention…
That report you did was really quite good – not too long, but to the point.
And on time!
Oh, thanks! I’m glad you liked it!
I’m sure head office will be really pleased.
Oh good!
2. Tina – good to see you.
Oh, hello!
By the way, congratulations on getting the new contract. We’ve been trying for years with that company.
It’s absolutely terrific!
Oh, well, thanks very much. It took a while.
But we got there in the end. It’s really brilliant of you. Anyway, very well done.

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Business one:one. script 4