Business one:one. script 16

Wow, I’m exhausted.
Jake So am I.
But I really enjoyed it.
Natalia We seemed to have many more visitors than last year.
Matt Yes. Jake, could you check up on specific numbers before next week?
Jake Sure, I would have done it this morning if I hadn’t had a last minute phone call.
Matt OK. Did every visitor leave their name and contact details?
Jake Most of them.
But if I’d been more insistent, I could have asked a lot more people to sign up.
Still, it made a huge difference to have the artist signing sessions after the performances.
Those drew big crowds, and really helped sales.

Next time let’s get really big posters to promote them.

Matt One thing we must rethink is the papering.

Natalia You mean the leaflets?
Matt Yes, we should think it through better in terms of quantity and distribution.
The boys who did that worked very hard, but I think a lot of leaflets were left around as rubbish.
Jake Yes, If we’d been more specific about where to distribute them in the first place, it wouldn’t have happened.
Natalia And we didn’t have enough for the whole week. But the balloons were good.
Matt Yes, they were a great idea, Natalia. Thanks! Anyway, I’d better be going.
I’ll see you both tomorrow.
And let’s finalize all the data for the evaluation meeting next week. OK?

Matt OK, then. Let’s see what we’ve got.
First perhaps we could go through sales data, stand activities, and a breakdown of visitors to the stand.
And then let’s take a look at the website hits, promotional materials, and press coverage. OK?
Jake Fine. Shall I start with sales?
Matt Yes, go ahead.
Jake Well, sales of Asian and Middle Eastern music easily topped the rest.
We could have doubled our sales, I think.
Matt So next year – double

orders for that range?

Jake Uh huh. Erm… Sadly we ran out of copies of the Japanese drummers, but I’ve taken orders on those. Here’s a printout of sales by region.
And on the next page you’ve got sales by label.
Matt Thanks. Uh-huh.
I’m surprised that we didn’t take any advance orders for next month’s new releases.
Jake But I think we need to make sure that our stock on the stand matches the festival’s line-up of artists much better.
We had no Portuguese music, and that Fado singer on the last night was fantastic.

Natalia Yes, she was.
Jake The less familiar music CDs and DVDs didn’t sell so well.
Natalia Well, perhaps we should have had facilities to let people hear CD tracks with headphones before buying.
If we’d had more listening posts, we would have sold much more this time.
Matt OK. I’ll make a note of it for next time.
Natalia The loop video clips worked well, and definitely promoted DVD sales.
Jake Definitely. People were crowding round.
We could have set up more screens for them to watch it – let’s do that next time.
Matt Indeed. Anyway, Jake. Tell us about visitor numbers.
Jake OK. Well, I’ve got a breakdown by age, as well as by nationality, of all those who visited the stand, and who filled out a mailing-list form.
And for purposes of comparison, these charts show the last two years’ results too.
You’ll see that visitor numbers are up 20%.

Matt OK. So this implies that…

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Business one:one. script 16