Business english

David Hill, an English businessman, is at Sheremetievo airport in Moscow. Pete and Nick, Russian businessmen, are at the airport to meet Mr. Hill.
Pete: Hello, Mr. Hill!
David: Hello, Pete! It is so good to see you! Thank you for meeting me.
Pete: I am very glad to see you too. Can I introduce my friend and colleague Nick?
David: How do you do, Nick?
Nick: How do you do, David? I’m glad to meet you.
And they shake hands. In Britain most people shake hands when they meet someone for the first time. It is not usual to shake hands when you say good-bye or when you meet again later.
Pete: Follow me please, David. Watch the step! Our car is in the parking area.

Pete, Nick and David are in the car. They are going to the centre of Moscow.
Pete: Did you have a good trip, Mr. Hill?
David: Oh, yes. The flight was quite smooth. And I’m very glad the plane came on time.
Pete: And how do you like so much snow around?

/> David: Oh, I like Russian winter. Our winter is different. It’s much milder. Have you ever been to England, Nick?
Nick: Will you repeat it, please? My English is not good enough, I am afraid.
David: Have you been to London?
Nick: No, not yet. But I am planning to go to England in summer.
David: As a tourist?
Nick: I think so.
Pete: And here is the hotel… Let me help you with the suit case, David.
David: Thank you. That’s very kind of you.

The car has brought Pete, Nick and David to the Russia hotel. Now they are in the lounge of the hotel.
Pete: Just a minute, David. I’ll speak to the receptionist. We made a reservation last week… Will you fill in this form, please?
David fills in the form, comes up to the receptionist and hands in the form.
David: Here you are. Is everything all right?
Receptionist: … Yes, everything is OK… Your room number is five о two. Here is your key.
David: Thank you.
Receptionist: You are welcome. Have a nice stay.
David: Thanks.
Pete: David, will you join us for dinner to-night?
David: I’ll be glad to.
Pete: Fine. Then we’ll meet you here at seven sharp. And, if you don’t mind. we shall have dinner at the hotel restaurant. It’s not bad at all.
David: Thank you for the invitation. See you later.