Brian minchin – the forgotten army (doctor who book)

Name:The Forgotten Army
Writer: Brian Minchin
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: 11th Doctor, Amy Pond

To Robert

Sam Horwitz had never felt so excited. The Grand Hall of the New
York Natural History Museum was packed with hundreds of
People, all clutching invitations to ‘See the New Wonder of the
World’. In exactly two minutes, Sam was going to step out and
Show them his amazing discovery.
Sam fidgeted with his new white blazer. He’d never worn
Anything so bold before, but for this, the biggest day of his life,
He wanted to impress. He had worked alone throughout the
Night to get the mysterious exhibit ready, and only he and the
Director of the Museum knew what was hidden behind the
Thick velvet drapes.
Looking around the room, he felt dizzy with adrenalin. There
Were massed rows of schoolchildren
And their grumpy teachers, bearded archaeologists, twitchy
Photographers, and the great and good of New York. He
Saw his friend Polly Vernon give him a little wave from the
Middle of the crowd. Polly was a teacher at a New York
Elementary school and had brought all of her class to cheer
Him on. He smiled nervously as she mouthed an
Encouraging ‘good luck’. At the front, jostling for position, all
The major TV stations were preparing to broadcast the first
Pictures live to the world. Sam knew they weren’t going to
Be disappointed.
The Director of the Museum finished her introduction and
Called on Sam to take the stand. Sam took a deep breath.
Everything was about to change. He was about to become
He strode across the Grand Hall to loud applause and stood
Blinking as camera lights flashed. The news crews signalled
To each other: they were going live. Sam knew this was his big
Moment. All around the world,

millions of people would be
Watching. Sam felt happier than he’d ever been. Those long
Weeks digging in the icy wastes of Svalbard had been worth
Sam stepped up to the podium, trying hard not to fiddle
With his jacket buttons. He’d rehearsed this moment over and
Over again: a short thank you, a joke to show to everyone he
Was a down-to-earth kind of guy, then he’d pull the cord and
Bask in their applause.
He reached the microphone, shuffled his papers and began
To speak. ‘Thank you, everyone, for coming. Today our ideas of
The past are about to change for ever. We’ve had plenty of big
Displays in this Museum, but I can promise you, this is our most
Mammoth yet!’
Sam pulled the golden cord, and the velvet drapes dropped
Aside to reveal the world’s only Polar Woolly Mammoth. It was
One of the most majestic creatures ever to grace the Grand Hall.
Standing four metres tall, the mammoth looked wild, with
Rippling white fur and long tusks. Yet it was also strangely
Graceful, like a thoroughbred horse, ready to spring from the
Sam knew that no one could fail to be impressed by its
Grandeur and size. It was as if the forces of evolution had
Sought to create in the Polar Woolly Mammoth the largest and
Most beautiful creature ever. But there were no gasps of awe –
The crowd had fallen silent. They were stunned and shocked,
Not delighted. Something was wrong. Sam started to feel sick in
His stomach, like the day before a big exam. He turned to follow
The anxious gaze of his audience.
The Polar Woolly Mammoth had been extinct for 10,000 years,
And the body of this one had been lying under the ice cap for
Almost all that time. It now stood at the centre of the New York

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Brian minchin – the forgotten army (doctor who book)