Bones 2×04 – the blonde in the game

POLICE OFFICER/PARK RANGER: (voice coming in immediately, mid-conversation, as all three walk through the woods) Hikers aren’t supposed to let their dogs off the leash back here. But I’m pretty sure the dog was running free when he found the – what he found.

BRENNAN: What’s the condition of the body?

POLICE OFFICER/PARK RANGER: No idea. Can’t get close enough to examine it.

BOOTH: Why not?

POLICE OFFICER/PARK RANGER: The dog’s definitely not on his leash at this time.

BOOTH: Ohhh.

(In the clearing, Booth sees the dog growling ferociously, the skeletal remains of a forearm and hand clenched between his teeth – the dog is perched atop a small mound, surrounded by a wide circle of rangers, policemen, and the dog’s owner, GIL LAPPIN, who is trying to calm the dog as the trio approaches)

GIL LAPPIN: (to the dog) Put down the bone.

(Gil continues coaxing the dog as Booth and Brennan reach the crime site and stand, watching the scene)

BOOTH: How the hell are we gonna get to the body?

GIL LAPPIN: (trying to approach the dog) Come on, Buddy, drop it.

POLICE OFFICER/PARK RANGER: (watching the dog) You don’t see that every day. (turns to Brennan and Booth) Sent for Animal Control. Take another hour though.

GIL LAPPIN: Drop it now! (flustered, turning to Booth, Brennan and the Police Officer/Park Ranger) I – I’m so sorry. He – he’s never done anything like this.

BOOTH: (watching the dog) You ever have a dog, Bones?

BRENNAN: I always wanted a pig.

BOOTH: (amused scoff) A pig.

BRENNAN: Very smart, and despite the popular misconception, very clean.

BOOTH: (grinning) Yeah, I prefer my pig with a little mint, a little honey glaze –

BRENNAN: (gives him a brief look) Not funny. (turns back to watch the dog) In some cultures, dogs can guard corpses, sometimes to the point of starvation,

so… shoot it.

BOOTH: I’m – I’m not shooting him for just doing what comes naturally. As far as he’s concerned, you know, finder’s keepers.

BRENNAN: That dog is compromising the integrity of my remains, so wing it – (Booth gives her a look) – him.

BOOTH: There’s another way, Bones. (steps forward, smirking a little) Dogs love me.

(Booth lowers his stance a bit, cautiously approaching the dog, hands open and unthreatening)

BOOTH: Nice doggy. Good pooch. (Buddy the dog puts the arm/hand bone down; Booth gives the dog an approving tone of voice) Ah! Niiiice doggy. Good pooch.

(As Booth reaches out, the dog barks loudly and Booth yanks his hand back)

BOOTH: Whoa! Hey, we’re just gonna wait for Animal Control.

(The dog picks up the bone again)

BRENNAN: (picking up a pine cone) I’ll do it.

BOOTH: (scoffs) Oh, yeah.

(Brennan whistles, using her fingers)

BOOTH: Yeah, a pine cone’s really gonna – (watches as Brennan heaves the pine cone away from the crime scene, for the animal to fetch) – work.

(Buddy runs off after the pine cone, the arm bone still clenched between his teeth; his owner Gil chases after him)

GIL: Buddy! Buddy!

BRENNAN: Okay. (calls out) I need everybody to clear the area. (to Booth) Set up a perimeter.

BOOTH: (casually, since everyone’s already moving, following Brennan’s instructions) Clear the area! Let’s set up a perimeter.

(Brennan brings a messenger bag over to the site)

BRENNAN: (turns to speak to Booth privately) And tell Animal Control…

BOOTH (leaning in) Yeah?

BRENNAN: … I’ll need that bone back.

BOOTH: Right.

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Bones 2×04 – the blonde in the game