Bones 2×03 – the boy in the shroud

(Open: FBI Agents are in an alley digging through garbage. Cam and Booth are already there. Everyone is grossed out by the smell – Cam picks up a rat.)

BOOTH: (waving his hand to keep the smell away and then covers his nose) Holy mother of God. Oh Geez.

(Brennan and Hodgins arrive)

BRENNAN: Booth! What do we have here?

HODGINS: Bet I know. That’s – (he sniffs the air) lasagna, (sniffs) fishy rotten cat food and (sniffs) vulcanized rubber.

CAM: Excellent olfactory talent, Hodgins.

BRENNAN: What happened?

BOOTH: Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? A guy tried to beat the yellow light, he got T-Boned by tractor trailer.

BRENNAN: Well, what was the semi carrying?

BOOTH: Aquarium sand, but that’s not –

BRENNAN: No natural gas or propane? No explosion? No fire?

HODGINS: No corrosive chemicals.

BRENNAN: What – do you need me for?

CAM: You might want to prepare yourself. (she looks at Brennan) – or not.

BOOTH: Oh man. Okay, how bad does, uh, garbage gotta stink to cover the smell of a dead body.

CAM: I think the victim was a minor.

BOOTH: (to Brennan) ‘Kay, well if you agree this falls under FBI jurisdiction.

(Brennan and Hodgins kneel down next to the body. Brennan starts to examine the skull)

BRENNAN: It’s a male. Yes, an adolescent.

HODGINS: Flatworms. Necrophagous flies and beetles. Yeah, he’s been garbage for about three weeks. I didn’t mean that the way it sounded.

BRENNAN: The fractures to the cranium, sphenoid and occipital regions. Necks broken and the femur is shattered.

BOOTH: From the garbage truck flipping over?

BRENNAN: No. This damage is more congruent with a fall.

(Brennan notices that the victim is clutching something in his hand.)

BOOTH: What do ya got?

HODGINS: It’s organic. (he hands Brennan tweezers)


(pulling it out of the grasp) Whatever it is, he brought it with him from the crime scene.

(She places it in a manila envelope)

CAM: How much of this are ya gonna need?

HODGINS: The whole, disgusting, shebang.

(Booth pulls up a piece of trash)

BOOTH: Everything?

BRENNAN: Everything.

(Booth throws the piece of garbage towards the camera)

(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab – Forensics Platform. Cam, Brennan and Zack are examining the remains.)

ZACK: He was wrapped in a shroud?

BRENNAN: Angela’s analyzing the stains on the cloth while Hodgins figures out what they’re made of.

CAM: No finger pads left for prints. (to Zack) How are we on dental records?

ZACK: FBI’s on it.

CAM: Multiple shards of leaded glass embedded in the remaining tissue. Massive contusions congruent with a swan dive onto a hard surface.

BRENNAN: And take a look at the upper spine.

ZACK: Weighted impact against the, uh, scapula and clavicle.

CAM: He was struck?

BRENNAN: Yes. But not hard enough to kill.

(Booth enters platform.)

BOOTH: Private garbage hauler. They aren’t real strict about their routes. Driver says he can’t be sure where he picked the victim up.

CAM: No visible tats or track marks.

BRENNAN: You sound surprised.

BOOTH: Well, it’s pretty obvious, Bones. It’s either a junkie or a hustler.

BRENNAN: Why make the assumption?

CAM: Not many kids from the suburbs end up rotting in garbage trucks. Fun factoid from the front lines.

(Angela enters the platform.)

ANGELA: Hey guys. Wanna see something cool?

(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab – Angelator Room. Booth, Brennan, Cam, Zack & Angela are standing around the Angelator.)

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Bones 2×03 – the boy in the shroud