Billy elliot (language to go (pre-intermediate), lesson 2)

Billy Elliot is a film about a boy from the north of England and his love for ballet. Billy’s mother is dead. His brother and father are miners during the 1980s miners’ strike. Life is difficult and their only relaxation is at the miners’ social club, where they enjoy drinking and arguing.

Billy’s brother also likes listening to rock music and Billy does too. At school, Billy quite likes playing football but he doesn’t like running or other sports very much. His father wants him to box and gives him money for lessons at the social club. After a few lessons, Billy decided that he hates boxing. There’s a ballet class at the same time and Billy prefers watching that. The ballet teacher asks him to join the class and Billy finds he really loves dancing.

Billy’s father ant brother are furious and tell him to stop. But Billy continues doing ballet in secret. Finally his father understands: dancing can help Billy have a better life. He takes Billy to London and Billy gets a place at the Royal School of Ballet.

This film is based on the true-life story of Philip Mosley. The acting is superb and you will laugh and cry from beginning to end.

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Billy elliot (language to go (pre-intermediate), lesson 2)