Bermuda government

Old-world traditions, enlightened leadership

When Parliament is in session look for members wearing their traditional powdered wigs, reflecting our adherence to British-style traditions – traditions that include a stable, efficient government.

Bermuda is officially a British overseas territory, but we enjoy a high degree of self-rule. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II does act as our formal head of state and appoints a Governor – currently Sir John Vereker, KCB – to represent her in Bermuda.

Our Government consists of the Governor, a Premier, a Cabinet, and a Parliament comprised of an appointed Senate and the elected House of Assembly.
The Governor

* The Queen’s appointed representative
* Appoints the Premier on advice of members of the House of Assembly
* Responsible for defence, police, internal security and external affairs

The Premier

* The head of Government who nominates the Cabinet
* The leader of the majority party or majority coalition in the House of Assembly
* Our Premier is Dr. The Hon. Ewart F. Brown, JP, MP

House of Assembly

* Comprised of 36 members elected by eligible voters in a general election held every four or five years
* The largest minority political party becomes the Opposition with its own Leader and Shadow Cabinet

The Senate

* Comprised of 11 members, five of whom are appointed by the Governor on advice of the Premier, three by the Leader of the Opposition, three directly by the Governor
* To become law, legislation must be passed by the House of Assembly and approved by the Senate and the Governor

Major Political Parties

* Two major political parties: Progressive Labour Party (PLP) and the United Bermuda Party (UBP)
* The PLP won the most recent election held in December 2007
* Our Premier, Dr. The Hon. Ewart F. Brown, JP, MP is a PLP member

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Bermuda government