Below, under, underneath, beneath (place)

Below, Under, Underneath, Beneath (Place)
Category: Prepositions

Below, under, underneath, and beneath are prepositions of place. They mean lower than.
When something is not directly under something, below is used. ex. The sun set below the horizon.
When something is covered by or hidden by something, under is used. ex. The flood put the whole house under water.
When talking about measurements of temperature and height, below is used. ex. It’s 3 degrees below freezing outside.
When meaning less than or younger than, under is used. ex. There were under 10 volunteers.
Underneath can be used like under when talking about physical position, but not other uses. ex.
There is a heater underneath the table. Beneath has the same meaning as under, but is usually only used in literature. ex. The Titanic sank beneath the surface of the water.

Prepositions of place are found just in front of the place word or phrase.
Preposition of place + place word or phrase examples: below the hill under the tree underneath the covers beneath the surface

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Below, under, underneath, beneath (place)