Because this is what we can do right now


We still are a state of ever-growing tension. The amount of damage reported is still increasing.

We had a conference this morning with all my associates. We, as the same Japanese people must help each other out in this dire time.

At any rate what I myself, and what we can do is being started. I am asking for everyone’s help to do so. We have a lot of things we must start on right away, but we would like to have the support of everyone as we continue along our endeavour.

With everyone working together we can make something that a single person could never accomplish by themsevles. Because of these horrible events we must reach out to each other and be brave in moving forward.

To all the people in the Kansai area.

I think all of the people in the Kansai area who lived through the great Kobe earthquake will be able to understand the pain and fear of the situation. The the tragic situation of the affected areas, the urgent
Need for any sort of help, and the feeling of that this not an event that you are disconnected from.
Let us work together and start to help out.

To all those in Kyushuu, Chugoku, and Central Japan.

Right now all areas devestated by the earthquake and tsunami are in need of your help. It is not a situation that we can ignore. We have to help each other as we are connected. Everyone’s help is needed. Japan is in continuing peril. Please keep warm clothes at hand so that you can be ready to move in a moments notice. Be sure to have flashlights and the like ready for emergencies.

To the people of the Kanto area.

I know all of you that have family and friends in the affected areas are trying to confirm their location and safety. However please do not try to head to any areas that faced high levels of destructions. I understand that you want to see your family and friends in person, but rescue crews and the like need to be able to move in and out of that

area freely, so please wait to see them.
I know it is hard, but it is important that the people that need help get that without any delay. Please remain calm and be prepared in case any sort of secondary problems occur.

And to all those who suffered damages and loss due to the earthquake and tsunami, I don’t think you will even be able to read this at this moment in time, but everyone will certainly be there to help each other out. Everyone is working to help people to safety. I too will be there to help with everyone.

I think it is still very cold out, and it must be very hard to endure all these loses through the cold weather. But please remain strong and be brave. Everything is bound to get better. Be brave and calm. We, as Japanese, will be there to help each other out.

To the people all over the world,

Japan is suffering through a tragic event right now. We need everyone’s help. Please give us strength and courage to face this. People all over the world are sending their thoughts and prayers to Japan. They are
Giving us their support. Your love and kindness is very important for us right now. Please continue to support us as we sort through these horrible events. At any rate we will start now where we can start.
I ask for everyone’s

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Because this is what we can do right now