Arts – Искусство

There many arts in the world, but the most popular are: literature, music, theatre, cinema and others. Every person has his or her own favorite art.

Music has always fascinated people. It touches their hearts and makes them laugh or cry. Music can be heard everywhere. Nowadays there are a lot of musical genres: classical music, rock music, pop music, club music and others. I can listen to any genre of music. It depends on my mood. When I am sad I listen to classical music. When I am happy I like listening to energetic, fast music and hard beat. However, some people listen to one kind of music only and they listen to it no matter what mood they are in.

There are a lot of wonderful works of literature-Famous writers and poets created a big variety of poems, stories and novels that are read over the world. Russian poets and writers like Pushkin, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky are famous all over the world. Their works are translated into many languages.

Theatre is a popular

kind of arts, too. There are a lot of theatres in Russia, but most of them are situated in Moscow. The Bolshoi Theatre and the Maly Theatre are world famous. If you like opera you should go to the Bolshoi Theatre. The tickets are rather expensive though. The Maly Theatre stages dramas and plays based on classical novels.

I am a theatre-goer. I prefer going to drama theatres. I do not like opera and ballet. Not long ago I saw Uncle’s Dream by Dostoevsky in the Vakhtangov Theatre I liked the play a lot. The decorations were rich and the famous actors played very well. There was a storm of applause after the performance.

Nowadays theatres are becoming less and less popular, and cinema has got big popularity instead. There are a lot of cinemas in Moscow: modern and old-fashioned, cheap and expensive. Modern films are full of audio and computer special effects and people go to the cinema to enjoy them. The so-called home cinemas have appeared lately. More and more people buy modern TV-sets with large flat screens and special sound equipment and watch films at home.

My favorite art is painting. I enjoy going to art galleries to look at paintings. I think that this type of art will exist forever. Artists express their feelings and emotions in their paintings. There are a lot of art galleries in Moscow, but the most famous one is me Tretyakov Gallery. It has large collections of paintings by Russian and foreign painters. My favorite painting is landscape. I think that Russian landscapists are the best in the world. I love going to this gallery when I have free time. One of my friends draws very well she is going to enter the University of Arts to become a professional artist. But I think that amateurs are the best artists.

Unfortunately I do not have any talent for this or that art. I used to sing in childhood, but then I gave it up. I think that arts are not for me.

Arts – Искусство